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Chiara Russo

LONDON, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Italian

Coaching Specialties

Positive mindset  career change
Managing change through clarit work life balance
relationships family and self care

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
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Chiara is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

"What we see as our stumbling blocks are just our stepping stones"

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or simply don't know where to go next in your life: let me coach you.

Over the past 10 years, I have revolutionised my life three times; survived a life- threatening surgery and dealt with its consequences, learning to live with the new limitations of my body; I became a mother during the pandemic, feeling overjoyed, overwhelmed, lost and found at the same time.

I have then been able to turn my stumbling blocks into steps from which I gained clarity and expanded my self confidence.

An example? I have always felt shy - unable to express myself in a group because I thought "No one will listen to me because I need time to express my thoughts and, by the time I will tell them, people will be bored to death"

Through a coaching session - one single coaching session- I realised that yes, I needed time to see my thoughts formulating. But that is because I am an introverted, quiet and strategic person who offers her view once is able to be useful to the other. This is a precious gift as it has helped me gaining confidence, and speak in a room full of people knowing that whatever I say- it is worth listening to it.

I want to empower you to do a similar process with your own struggles.

I will create a safe and focused space in which you will be able to pause, reflect and learn to own your stumbling blocks so you can, too, turn them into stepping stones.

You will be listened.

Through carefully selected questions, I will help you clarify your aims as well as the deep root of any barrier to them; I will help you distil the next steps in your journey to make your goal a reality.

There is no daring mindset without a challenge, no progress without a time to pause and evaluate.
I will help you embracing the journey and be grateful for your strives so you can thrive.

If you want to know even more about me...

My expertise is change management (be it related to your life, personal situation or work), leadership and skills development, helping both individuals and organisations building the pathways that will enable them to flourish.

My coaching practice draws from my experience as engagement and learning producer as well as from my personal life.

I have co- designed learning and mentoring programmes for the major museums and heritage sites in UK such as The British Museum, Kingston Museum and Alexandra Park and Palace, supporting young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and people living with dementia, MS and aphasia in finding their direction in life.
I draw inspiration from the struggles I see my closest family and friends overcome.
My mum has MS and my auntie lives with a bipolar disorder; I grew up in a conservative family, where living with an illness was sometimes frown upon, but both my mum and my auntie refused to conform and negotiated the best life they could have.
Growing up with them has been humbling, inspiring and motivational, allowing me to constantly reflect and push myself to savour every moment and opportunity in my life.

I believe values create a compass through which I navigate life. Mines are: Positivity (I love a good laugh!), Connection, Curiosity, Integrity and Community.

I am a bookworm, outdoorsy and swimmer.


- Turning negative mindsets into a positive one

- Change perspective on your stumbling bocks: recognise them, value them as steps to own that will give you a greater clarity and vision

- Dealing with change in your life: from understanding what, and how, core beliefs and values will be impacted through your change to future scaping how you want to navigate change

- Future scaping and formulating objectives, milestones and the path to achieve them

- Reflecting on career change, life changes such as setting up your own business, relocate to another country, change career

- from surviving your work to thrive in it


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