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Liz Wigglesworth

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Connection coaching  Spiritual coaching
Simplify your life coaching Values coaching
Transformational Life Coaching Self-exploration

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
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ZoomYes Whatsapp

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About Me

"Why are you so enchanted by the world, when a mine of gold lies within you?" - Rumi

Having spent years working in the legal world, I realised that I wanted a more fulfilling, people-centred career, so after a great deal of personal reflection I decided to take the leap and retrain as a Transformational Life Coach with Animas, an International Coaching Federation accredited training school. 

I am intensely curious about people, their unique gifts and goals. When you work with me, you will find I have a passion for deeply listening to your stories and using my intuition to help you come to realisations about yourself and your true potential which may be hidden from you at the moment. I want to work with you to overcome self-doubt and effect change in your life, to encourage you to be courageous enough to take that leap into the unknown and follow your instincts. I want to help you to clear any hurdles in your path as you progress on this new and exciting journey. 

I consider personal freedom is vital to well-being and would like to help you to access that in your life. I can help you recognise and work towards being your authentic self which I believe is the only way to lead a truly happy and fulfilled life, to be at peace with yourself and live from a place of contentment and self-confidence. 

I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to live a full, balanced and connected life and sometimes they just need a little help to hear the inner guidance that leads them there. Everyone has the potential to change their lives. 

In my personal life I work with the energies present in nature for healing and to gain guidance. I weave this into my work as a coach, helping people connect to the universal energy that is all around us. I love connecting people to the landscape they live in and guiding them towards balance through living in alignment with the energy of the year's seasonal changes. 

I took a massive leap of faith in 2018 and moved onto a narrowboat in London. Becoming nomadic and moving into a small space without mains electricity forced me to slow down and simplify my life and while you may not want to take such a drastic step as moving onto the water, I can use the learning I gained during that process to help you simplify your life and connect to what is truly important. 


I specialise in connection coaching, helping people who yearn for a stronger connection to themselves, their purpose and potential, or perhaps to their own sense of something that transcends the everyday world.

When working with me you'll find I'm passionate about helping you connect to your life in a more meaningful way so that life is no longer just happening to you, but instead you are a fully involved and active participant leading a rich and joyful life. I'm also passionate about community creating and would love to help you explore what community means for you, what you can offer to community and how you can work to fulfil the deep need to belong.

I trained in Transformational Life Coaching and the tools and techniques I hold can help you leave behind negative and limiting beliefs, recognise behaviour or thought patterns, break free from indecision and create the life you want. Through active listening and the creation of a nurturing environment, I am dedicated to giving you the space you need to enable you to explore your inner worlds, untangling your thoughts and exploring your values and beliefs, helping you see the patterns that might be holding you back or preventing change.

Create the life you want.

I also specialise in life simplification, something I have a lot of experience in having downsized from a house to a narrowboat.

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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Lao tzu says and this is exactly what happened when I met Liz [more]