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Coach Effie Kontaxaki
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Effie Kontaxaki

London , United Kingdom


Languages : English, Greek

Coaching Specialties

Positive Mindset  Self Love & Self Acceptance
Intuitional Coaching  Find your Greater Purpose - Ik
Business - Career Coaching  Transitions - Life Changes

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes Email

Effie is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

Effie is a ‘Transitions Life Coach”.

She helps professionals who are facing major life changes to move from Stress to Success, so they can live a Life of Greater Purpose.

The clients she has been working with are international professionals with the most incredible careers from different parts of the world such as the UK, Japan, the USA, Italy, Greece who are facing major life changes. She provides both 1:1 and group coaching sessions. One of the group coaching sessions she has been involved now is to provide FREE group coaching to NHS professionals and healthcare givers who are dealing with high levels of stress during these challenging time with COVD19.

While she is pursuing her studies as Animas Center of Coaching, an ICF accredited coaching school, she also had the greatest privileged to be coached on a personal level by Harpreet Sandu and Dimitris Tselios, coach, author and founder of Hellenic Counselling Coaching Mentoring Association.

Her mission is to help her clients discover their purpose. Transform their lives and go from being people WITH purpose to becoming people OF purpose.

At this point, you might ask what is the difference?
People with purpose are those who set goals and run after them. Once they achieve their initial goals, they set another goal. Only till they meet that and then there is another one. They end up trapped in this loop and keep always chasing of something else till they burn out.

People of purpose are the ones who are living their purpose, missions, calling. They are the authentic and live their lives. These lives of greater purpose.
Because as Effie quotes: Purpose is not something we chase; Purpose is something that we become.

Effie grew up in an international family both in Greece and Japan, with a Greek father and a Japanese mother, and later married a Korean man in the United States. She has two wonderful children who represent four different countries and three continents. She can definitively describe her and her family members as “citizens of the World”.
Her father has been an incredible role model and inspiration to her. He once said “Effie, what is important is not your gender, your age, your skin color, etc. What is important is your heart. So, brush up the diamond of your heart and make the people around you see the sprinkle of that diamond”.

Here is where she is today, a Compliance Manager for a prestigious Japanese Asset management company in London, a single mother of two incredibly talented teenagers who are living their purpose driven lives, and pursuing her passion to help others as a transitions life coach.


Effie helps professionals who are facing life changes to move from Stress to Success, so they can live a Life of Greater Purpose.


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