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Coach Helen Wong
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Helen Wong

United Kingdom, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

weight loss  health and wellness
life coaching  eating disorders
fitness  nutrition

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Helen is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

I help women stop binge eating and lose weight for good by stopping the binge-restrict cycle, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating or constant snacking, without giving up their favorite food, without relying on willpower, or spending hours at the gym.


~My Story~
I just couldn’t stop binge eating. During the day I had so much self-control, I was so good, eating only salads, chicken breasts, rice cakes, fruits but then at night, I was out of control…completely. All I wanted were onion rings, crisps, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, and cake.

I did everything I was told would help—distraction, water, weight loss pills...everything! Every diet out there, every program out there, I'd tried.

Nothing ever worked and food was the only thing I could focus my mind on.

“Just one bite”, I promised myself every night, but two hours later, all I had in front of me, were empty chocolate wrappers, pizza boxes, soft drink bottles, noodle packages…and an overwhelming mixture of guilt, shame and self-hatred.

Why did I always fall off track? What was wrong with me?
There MUST be an explanation, and it became my MISSION to find out.

So that’s what prompted me to become a qualified Nutrition Consultant and I've put together the Stop Binge Eating Program for others who are going through the dark times I went through.

And I can now:
-spend quality time with my family because I no longer isolate myself in order to binge
-go on holiday with loved ones because I no longer fear others will judge me for my size
-eat out with friends or family because no foods are off-limits and I can eat what I genuinely want
-feel confident in my own skin


I work with women who:
-have tried every diet under the sun but struggle to lose weight and keep it off
-are too pre-occupied with food thoughts or thoughts about your body/weight for other activities, tasks or people
-lack the willpower/discipline/self-control to stay on any diet
-have been dieting all their life and feel frustrated because nothing works
-feel that their food issues are ruining their lives
-feel confused why the diets or weight loss tips they find online don't work for them
-constantly give into cravings
-stuff their face with food whenever they feel stressed, upset, or angry
-are unable to stop eating once they start
-have constant, uncontrollable cravings
-love food too much to lose weight
-are tired of feeling uncomfortably full after each and every meal


weight loss, emotional eating, binge eating, eating disorder, disordered eating, stress eating, night eating, mind-body connection, health, wellness, fitness, healthy lifestyle, mindset, diet, food freedom, mindfulness, relationship with food, body image, body positivity