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Monica Mundo - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Italian

Coaching Specialties

Career change and transition  Limiting beliefs & confidence
Relocate, expat life coach Intercultural differences
Self-education and growth Sport & mental health

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsApp

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Trained with : ANIMAS centre of coaching

Qualifications : Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Firework Qualified Career Coach, Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner, CPD Internationally credited Life coach, Mental Health First aider, Mindfulness and Meditation, ACA ICAEW, Master in Economic


About Me

I am a career and life coach, passionate about working with people and making connection with them.
I have a people-oriented personality with a deep interest in mental and physical wellbeing, positive attitude, and personal development. I consider myself a motivator and a very empathic person.
I was born and raised in Italy, I have a Master’s degree in Economics and cross-cultural experience between Italy and the UK. I worked in accounting practice, corporate organizations and for American and English law firms; my most recently experience is in Cambodia with an NGO. I'm currently collaborating with Intrapreneur start-up and gender equality and educational no-profit.
Beside my corporate background, I am an avid reader, an active runner, a mental health champion and a member of the social committee through my running club.


As a runner I see coaching as marathon training for your goals. We can’t jump from 5km to 42km in one week. To be physically and mentally ready, we need to equip ourselves, working on our mindset first and taking things step by step. Likewise when we want to make changes in our life we first have to be aware of where we are, know where we want to go and become mentally ready and committed to take the actions that will get us to the finish line.
The key part is not just about the achievement, but the journey, who we become and what we discover about ourselves along the way. In this sense coaching is an holistic approach, involving the mind, body and soul.

Usually people start their career in their early twenties and think that they will remain on the same path for all of their life, progressing higher and achieving more and never really thinking that a career change is possible. The realisation of change might lead to feelings of lost and demotivation, self-doubt, fears and insecurities about your identity. A career change could mean anything from starting a new job, completely changing your sector, becoming an entrepreneur and setting up your own business, or simply discovering the concept of a portfolio career and INTRApreneurship and adjusting your career accordingly.

As a life and expat coach, I work with clients who are currently at crossroads in their life and in need of new direction, currently in transition or relocated to a different country or city with lack of clarity about next steps or overwhelmed about frenetic life and stress due to jobs and responsibilities.
I work with clients who are keen to focus on their values, priorities, motivation and achievement of personal and professional goals, with particular emphasis on their mental health, wellbeing and awareness in their daily life.

Seven years ago I moved to London from Italy to build my corporate career. I understand the challenges of creating a new life away from friends and family, experiencing intercultural differences along the way.
Personal development is a key element in understanding and navigating our life experience. Coaching is an opportunity to discover yourself and look outside the default box you have always thought of being the “right and only” one for you.

Your coaching experience will be tailored to you as an individual and customized to meet your specific needs, priorities and aspirations. I’ll always create a collaborative, non-judgmental and safe space, which I’ve found to be the best environment for supporting you to success.
We will start to work together from where you are, we will explore your VISION – What you want, your IDENTITY – Who you are, and mostly your VALUES, your WHY – Why what you want is important to you. In the following step, we will go deeper into what you really want. I will help you educate yourself, brainstorm your potentials, and collect information and data based on your preferences. Find out what you like which will help you have a better idea of your direction. In the last step, we will investigate the top possibilities and create an action plan fully customised on you and steps to be taken in order to achieve your goal.

English and Italian sessions
Discovery call (45-60 minutes) remotely. Mutual introduction, discussion about your current situation, goals and objectives inside out.
Please note that the discovery call will be free of charge; kindly familiarise yourself with my Website in relation to my experience, expertise and fees.
Our call together will not be a "sales call" but a MUTUAL conversation with the purpose of assessing if we are a good team to work together.

Further sessions at a competitive price remotely or face to face if suitable for you.

Reviews (6)

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Ho incontrato Monica in un momento difficile della mia vita, sia a livello sentimentale che a livello lavorativo [more]
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Change Management Consultant

I contacted Monica about 2 months ago because I was at a place in my life where I needed help [more]


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