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Gary Hawkes - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Transformational Life Coaching  Negative Pattern breaking thro
Spiritual development Anxiety & depression
Business problem solving  Dating & relationships

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes Email
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Trained with : Life, RSA, The Shen Dao Institute and many others

Qualifications : RSA Certified, 5 Element Feng Shui Master Shen Dao Institute, Life Coach


About Me

At the age of 16, I left school with no qualifications. Through inquisitiveness and sheer determination, I went on to have a multitude of different jobs. These included being a Commodity Broker (London Metal Exchange), and working within the TV and Music business. Unfulfilled, I went on to become a Feng Shui Master and Life Coach, and I now have 25 years experience.

High profile clients I can mention include Michael Caine, Simon Cowell, Kelly Hoppen, Laurence Fishburn, Oswald Boateng, Barry K. Schwartz (Calvin Klein), Baroness Sylvia Von Meyern Hohenberg, Moya Doherty and Jo Whiley. As well as corporate companies including Virgin.

I am also a patented inventor and I have set up multiple philanthropic businesses, raising several million pounds in the process. I have negotiated partnerships with Tesco, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Master Foods, Virgin, Mail Online & Sainsbury's, and aid agencies, FAO, Shelter, Save The Children, Breakthrough and War Child.

All of us have experienced many ups and downs, knocks and setbacks. I personally have suffered from depression and burnout, as well as addiction, which I managed to free myself from. I have experienced many different types of healing and therapy with some incredible people, whom I have learned a great deal from over the years.

I have been married to my wonderful wife Laura for 25 years and we have 3 much-loved children, all now in their late teens. My therapist Jill Singer and my family, have definitely been some of the best teachers of all.


* Problem solving and addressing inbalances in both your personal and business life.

I can help with:

* Stress management.

* Getting your mojo back.

* Moving from self sabotage to self love.

* Relationships and getting the love you want.

* Helping you find YOUR way and purpose

* Reinventing yourself after hitting rock bottom and bouncing back better than ever.

* Discovering what you really want to be, as opposed to what others want you to be. Helping you to free yourself from your family and social conditioning to live your truth
* The adventure of self awareness.

* Spiritual development.

* Creative Block

* Unblocking and transforming your limiting beliefs.

* Helping you identify your purpose and your dreams and living them.

* Identifying old destructive habits and replacing them with life changing healthy ones.

* Discovering life changing insights that create a life-long shift at your core to unblock negative patterns of behaviour.

* Facing & embracing your fears

People who are:

* Bored, depressed, or hopeless.

* Outwardly incredibly successful, but internally unfulfilled.

* Struggling with identity, feeling anxious and disconnected

Reviews (8)

Gary was absolutely fantastic His level of knowledge was superb and he really helped me look at things in a totally new way. [more]
I just had a session with Gary and I feel exhilarated [more]
I just had a session with Gary and I feel exhilarated [more]
I really loved talking with Gary - he has helped me to re-think my ideas and given me fresh insights around things that have been holding me back [more]
Thank you Gary for taking the time to listen to me! It was good to have a "free" session with Gary which felt like for me was well worth while to help myself understand what was going on for me and action I needed to take [more]
Gary is really good at what he does From the moment I said 'hello' over the phone, I felt heard, understood and most especially comfortable. [more]
I had a 1 hour free session with Gary and felt really fired up with positivity after our talk! He helped me realise certain things and gave me a feeling of motivation, energy & confidence on something I've felt stuck on for a while [more]
This was my first experience with a coach [more]


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