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Coach Chrissy Kapartis
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Chrissy Kapartis

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Greek

Coaching Specialties

Self-love  Stress management
Self-belief Empowerment
Goal-setting Accessing inner-resources

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email

Chrissy is offering 6 free sessions


About Me

Hello! My name is Chrissy Kapartis and I am currently in training to be a life-coach. The journey from self-doubt to self-belief is, in my opinion, one of the most important journeys a person can make. After spending most of my life suffering with trauma and mental illness, I went into treatment and embarked on a journey of healing and growing a loving relationship with myself. I have since worked as a mentor in an eating disorders recovery clinic. I decided to train as a life-coach in order to develop more skills to help others on their own journey of self-discovery and development. If you are looking to develop a more loving relationship with yourself (which includes exploring and working towards your goals, challenging yourself and learning to tap into your own inner-wisdom) then feel free to get in contact with me. My philosophy of coaching is: we are not broken. We are whole as we are, with all of the resources we need within us. Sometimes, when we've forgotten how to access them, all we need is someone to sit opposite us and hold the space for us to access our own answers and inner-wisdom.


Holding space for self-reflection, goal-setting, growing self-belief, challenging self-critical beliefs and replacing them with positive empowering ones, visualisation, building confidence, stress management, tapping into inner-wisdom and taking risks.

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I consider myself very privileged to have been coached by Chrissy [more]


Transformation, self-love, you are enough, confidence, empowerment, stress-management, wellbeing, gratitude