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Rob Keating

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Facing Yourself  Knowing Yourself
Self Discovery Leadership
Confidence  Business

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About Me

I can help you powerfully break through to face who you are on your way to achieving your 10x, even 100x goals.

How can someone face their own projection of reality and better understand the world around them to move through it differently?

1. Sheer grit creating a do or die attitude in everything you do, eventually you'll start rejecting parts of who you are and change the space in front of you.
2. Find your own measures of success and fail enough you psychologically change how you see things.
3. Spend time navigating your own internal world back to the inner child through self discovery.

But everyone's hero's journey will be different

My name is Rob Keating and through a series of unfortunate events I had to learn to face myself, there was no one on team Rob. I specialise in the inner difficulty that's altering your version of reality, that is the things that happened 5, 10 even 15 years ago that are still stopping you achieving want you want to achieve.

I can help guide you on your own journey to face the things you need to face to get to the other side.

In only a decade I went from struggling to get a professional job to inventing the first business transformation infrastructure and pioneered the process of business change as a backwards problem. Without self work, without self reflection, without coaching and outside support this task would have been impossible.

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My interests:
Intellect, crossfit, self-discovery, the psyche, mathematics, competition, adventure, psychology, intuition, reflection, mobility, the collective self, the internal world, youtube

Greenwich, London

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Why the Comedy Glasses on my professional photo?
- Self acceptance.
- You can run, hide, succeed, shield yourself, lie to yourself, surround yourself with others, live for other people, portray the person you want to portray but eventually, given enough time you're going to have to face the truth, you're going to have face yourself to move forward.
- Why?
- Well, you can choose to hide, you can choose to stay as you are but if you wish to move forward and achieve what you want to achieve other people can see who you are, other people can see what you're made of. Once you learn to take yourself on and face who you are it's at this point you have to accept who you are.
- Once you can accept who you are you have become as Steve Hardison The Ultimate Coach says "Nothing".
- Once you become nothing there's no judgement to be had.


Facing yourself, knowing yoursellf, self-discovery, leadership, understanding yourself, self-reflection, internal work, emotional experiences


Leadership, coaching, reflection, discovery, know yourself, business, goal setting, trauma, self reflection

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