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Coach Diana Grant
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Diana Grant

Louth, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Goal setting and achieving  Self-Love development
Grief processing Self esteem growth
Personal achievement  Trauma management

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

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About Me

I love human beings. To me, the human condition is one of awe and wonder. We land in this life without a clue and we figure it out as we go. Some people to seem to figure it all out quicker and easier than others. Some people seem to struggle way more and for much longer. Whatever the way though, the sheer indomitable spirit of human beings is something to behold.
My life work is to mirror your stories back to you so that they resonate with you and enable you to recognise your own greatness and connect in a greater way with your Higher Self. My work is to support your journey to finding your light and realising that it is brighter than you realised and that you can allow it to shine in every experience.
My greatest work, is to facilitate a way for you to start a love affair. A beautiful love affair of “Ingrid Bergman kisses” and “Play it again Sam” moments…a love affair between you and...You. This kind of love affair spills over into the rest of your life…this kind of self-love makes life beautiful. Regardless of circumstances, life can be made beautiful and you can truly live your best life. This is what I am here to share.


Self-love development. Self esteem growth. Personal dreams and goals achievement plans. Trauma and grief management. I work on Zoom as well.


Self-love. Self esteem. Dream plans. Goal achievement. Trauma management. Grief processing.