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Coach Claire Mackenzie
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Claire Mackenzie - Qualified Coach

london, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

life coach  confidence
career transition fulfilment and balance

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

Claire is offering 3 free sessions


Trained with : CTI UK

Qualifications : Co-Active Professional Coach


About Me

You’re failing at having it all, perfect kids, marriage and career, because you are a real person and the perfection dream isn’t real.
You’re having the same conflicts at home and you feel stuck in a negative cycle
You want to get fit, lose weight, live healthier! Yeh right. It’s not happening, you know you’ll feel better but there’s no time and you make excuses which is stopping you from taking action.
You’re at a crossroads in your career, you’ve lost your mojo or wanting to move into a more senior role but don’t feel confident enough to go for it. You want more flexibility or to change direction, but it feels too difficult and you’re scared that it’s too late to change direction.
I understand these feelings of being stuck, knowing something is wrong but not sure what, of being in a job that no longer holds any passion, but being too scared to leave. That woman is me, she is my sister, my friends and my female work colleagues. I am a member of the ICF and abide by their coaching code of conduct.


I coach busy women in their 40’s who are juggling relationships, family, life and career and want to make positive changes, create more balance and live a harmonious life.

My passion and purpose is to help people make positive long term changes and live the life they deserve. I coach the whole person with intuition, empathy, kindness and honesty. I create a space for you to get clarity on what is keeping you stuck, provide strategies and tools to help you to take action, and keep you accountable so that you will achieve your goals.


confidence, empathy, honesty, intuition, resilience, fulfilment, balance, purpose, self worth, mindset, self belief, clarity, strategies, life career transition, procrastination, goal setting