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Russell Bates

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Corporate & Business Sales  Confidence & Self Belief
Fulfillment and Purpose Career and Vision
Relationships and Love Clarity and Direction

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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SkypeYes Email

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About Me

At the age of 56, I have been in Sales and New Business Development for all my working career (40 years) at various levels and experiences in business and have a clear understanding of the challenges this can bring. By cross-applying my sales experience with my Coaching skills, I can offer the client a fine foundation to build on. It's simply a matter of shifting the delivery to meet the needs of the client. I felt that the time had come in my life to offer something back to a world that has been good to me through all of life's challenges and fortunes it has given me.


Transformation Coaching provides a challenging and energising environment that really allows you to express yourself, gain a new perspective and explore how you can drive positive change – whether that’s a small adjustment or a wholesale shift in approach. A transformative coach meanwhile doesn’t offer advice, assign strategies or give you things to do. Instead points to the misunderstandings that are keeping you from seeing what’s really going on. When you see what you are up against (and it’s almost never what you think you’re up against), you will be able to tap into your own wisdom so you can come up with your own wisdom, insights, and solutions.

The job of a transformative coach is to help you change your perspective so that you are able to see more clearly what is absolutely going on. Once you do, you will know yourself exactly what to do and you will have the natural motivation and resilience to do it. No strategies, methods or superhuman displays of will power necessary. Who you are is totally enough.

The best way to sum up how transformative coaching works is through the words of Carl Rogers:

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Email me now to book your free sessions and I’ll commit 100% to you to invest my time and energy in working together.

Reviews (2)

Russ has literally saved me from one of the darkest period of my life I was confused, I lost my enthusiasm and I felt very low. [more]
Russell is an impressive coach with so much to give. I felt like he really cared and I got so much out of the brief sessions I had with him. [more]


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