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Fiona Mack - Qualified Coach

Kingston, Australia


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Success  Clarity
Perfectionism Stress
Anxiety Confidence

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime Yes
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SkypeYes EmailYes
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Fiona is offering 2 free sessions


Qualifications : Certified Clarity Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I have qualifications in Leadership & Management


About Me

Are you a high achiever feeling burnt out? Or perhaps you have perfectionist tendencies—that you’ve been told that you need to overcome—that looks like it’s holding you back from reaching the levels of success that you desire.

I’m a perfectionist and what I’ve come to realise is that I could be completely relaxed about my tendencies to be perfect AND enjoy my success which gets easier day by day.

I was that person that seemed 5 steps ahead of her life, striving to meet expectations and selling herself on the “personality market” all with the added panache of a show girl. Despite what those achievements looked like on the outside, they didn’t translate to feelings of joy.

A couple of years ago I hit a really low point in my life—relationships broke down, work suffered and my sense of wonder and passion diminished.

Just as I was finding myself waist-deep in the mud of my circumstances, struggling to move. I started to gain clarity and perspective on what had happened. I discovered a profoundly different relationship with my own mind and psychology regardless of my circumstances.

If you share a streak of perfectionism like I do (or something similar) and want to discover what it’s like to be at your best more easily? If your success seems like it’s always one step away and you’re fed-up and tired of being told to STOP being a perfectionist. I want to have a conversation with you.


I help high achievers and perfectionists be at their best more easily. With awareness and understanding of your own mental resourcefulness, you can push less and get more done. You already have everything it takes. Conversations with me aren’t about adding more "stuff" for you to do, but taking less off your mind to give you more psychological freedom. When you have more psychological freedom, you get more done.

Want to hang out and discover your inner zone of genius and resourcefulness? I’m offering two free (90 minute) sessions to explore what's possible for you.

PLEASE NOTE: I personally respond to my emails within 1 business day, if you haven't heard a response from me, please check your junk mail.


stress, perfectionism, high-achiever, burnout, confidence, mindset, passion, anxiety, clarity, transition, overcome your perfectionism, beliefs, goals, purpose, resourcefulness, balance