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Coach Laurent COSTE
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Laurent COSTE - Qualified Coach

Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, French

Coaching Specialties

Mindset  Limiting Beliefs
Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Identifying your Values
Inner Voice Career Challenges/Transitions

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

Laurent is offering 1 free session


Trained with : The Coaching Academy for Personal Performance Coaching.

Qualifications : Life Coaching Diploma with New Skills Academy


About Me

“Hello, enjoy a free no-obligation 30-minute discovery call with me, Laurent, here to help and guide you to achieve your goals and overcome your problems. I search the better in life so let’s make the world better together ;-)
I mainly offer online coaching (Facetime, WhatsApp) sessions and email, as well as face to face sessions (mainly in London).

Together we can focus on self-development, beating your problems, achieving goals and setting the balance to your life. Together we can solve your relationship and family problems, problems with your self-esteem and values, set time management or plan to achieve your goals, your unhappiness and sadness, and non-balance. You can cut out negative things out of your life and I can show you how.

Just message me and we can focus on your custom needs.

I am looking forward to meeting you and working together on your better future!

I speak French and English.


Have you been feeling angry, snappy, stressed for some time without knowing how to overcome it?
Do you feel frustrated and unfulfilled because something seems to be missing in your life and you are not reaching your full potential?
Do you want to let go of these negative emotions and be able to feel relieved and enjoy your life fully?
As a certified life coach expert in mindset, I help city workers overcome their frustration, stress, anger, negative thinking and emotions so they can reach their full potential and enjoy their lives to the fullest.
I do my signature program in a 6 step process using mainly coaching techniques. The final and main purpose is to bring you a positive mindset and happiness in your life.
In 4 different criteria, here how my service will improve your life:
- Time: Work more efficiently / No time wasted in toxicity / Time used for more enjoyable activities.
- Money: By enjoying what you will do using the right mindset, the money will follow. You need to plant the seed before you harvest.
- Emotional wellbeing: Positive attitude will help you to manage your emotional response to external factors, to external events.
- Health: Better mindset, better health. If you truly believe you are fine, your body will respond this way.


Mindset / Motivation / Values / Happiness / Clarity / Limiting belief / Self-esteem / Self-confidence / Inner voice / Fulfilment / Work-life balance / Time Management / Superpower / Strengths / Life coaching / Career coaching / Personal growth / Frustration / Stress