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Virginie Coulloudon

Berlin, Germany


Languages : English, French, Russian

Coaching Specialties

career coaching  Business coaching
leadership coaching Future pacing
transition into a new life Values & boundaries

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

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About Me

Being an executive in an International Organisation and two global NGOs have helped me understand the behind-the-scenes and corridor politics. In my career, I have learned that it is crucial to control change before change controls you. I also noticed how high can the cost of inaction be, when you start doubting yourself and you're not sure of the direction to take.

I received several awards throughout my career, notably for developing synergy between company’s divisions. I participated in strategic management in political and diplomatic environments worldwide. I now focus on public value creation, change and leadership, particularly when the challenge includes multidisciplinary teams and when diplomatic sensitivity is required.

I am convinced that the best treasure always sits inside of us, and that we too often forget it. I rely on active listening to help people (re)gain confidence in hostile (and sometimes) toxic environments.

One of my driving forces has always been positive and healthy curiosity. When I was a reporter and an academic, this helped me uncover the unseen and write a few exclusives. Today, this helps me open a space where you would feel at ease answering questions you would maybe not be used to.

Self-confidence and trust are key to open up and accept change. I can help you reinforce them, see through the fog, and decide your best next step forward.


I specialise in stress both at work and at home. With an eye on shaping the right work/life balance, I'm interested in understanding the root causes for overwhelm, uncertainty, lack of purpose or direction. In my coaching, I would often change perspectives to help you better apprehend the world around you, go beneath the situation you may struggle to resolve alone, and get down to the real causes. I assist you to keep your focus, and make real and lasting changes for the better.


Get clarity and focus. Unstuck your creativity. Shape your life as you want it to be. Let me help you with your career plans, your confidence or stress management. Together, we can focus on your personal values and boundaries, on your work/life balance, and on succeeding in your transitions.