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Coach David Kendrick
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David Kendrick

ELLICOTT CITY, United States


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Nutrition  Sleep Hygiene
Stress Management Gut Health
Movement Practices Healthy Habits

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes EmailYes

David is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

For most of my teenage years, into young adulthood, I felt like I was underperforming. Despite getting good grades in school, having great friends and being active in sports, I always felt like I was just barely tapping into my potential. Life seemed more challenging than it needed to be.
I started by cleaning up my diet, using quality supplements, improving my sleep hygiene, and practicing stress management techniques. As I started implementing these changes, I started to notice little improvements: my GI issues began to subside, my skin started to clear up, and I was no longer bloated and drowsy after meals. This led to even more positive changes: my moods were more stable, I found it easier to focus, I was able to maintain lean muscle mass, and my energy levels became more consistent throughout the day.


More than 2,000 years ago, the Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates stated that "All Disease Begins in The Gut." The gut is often referred to as the "Second Brain". This is because its health is directly tied to the healthy functioning of your brain and your entire body. If you work with me, together, we can create a plan that will help you to optimize the function of your gut.


nutrition, mindfulness, gut, inflammation, mind-body, SIBO, candida, leaky gut, stress management, sleep hygiene, fitness, movement, balance, health, mindset