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Coach Kevin Hazarika
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Kevin Hazarika

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Personal Growth  Spiritual Coaching
Limiting beliefs Performance/Time Management
Goal Setting and Achieving Positive habits mindset

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes
Zoom Whatsapp

Kevin is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

Maybe you don't know where to begin, lack confidence and feel like you are not moving forward? Maybe you have the ideas but struggling to find the mindset to overcome the barriers stopping you from taking action to achieve your goals and live a joyful, bliss and fulfilling lifestyle? I get it as I have been there too...

I have coached hundreds in my team over the past 20 years to improve on their personal development, career progression, help with personal issues and also to achieve great results for themselves. I want to now use that experience to coach you to unlock your true potential by working with you through a structured process with your goal(s),overcome obstacles that is holding you back and achieving your desired ultimate life changing results.

(I coach via Skype and Telephone.)

I also help with spiritual coaching to find your inner peace as I am true believer that true peace and happiness is from within and it has helped me in my most difficult times to find my inner peace and happiness. I would love to coach you with certain of these methods that has transformed my life which can help bring peace and harmony into your life.

My purpose is to help you transform your goals into reality and help you achieve the life changing result that you truly want. I can assure you that our coaching sessions will be structured, non judgemental, honest, friendly, open, confidential and result driven.

Contact me to book your first free session. I am currently offering 3 Free sessions.


Personal growth/development by unlocking your true potential, identify your goals and move towards your Vision.

Transforming limiting beliefs that is causing barriers in your way to success.

SMART Goal setting and using different methods to achieve results within the agreed timescale.

Career coaching- identifying what is it you truly love doing that will add value to your work-life.

Clarity seeking by consistently setting clear intentions for who you want to be.

Improving Productivity- Focus and motivate you in working on the output that matters.

Time and Performance Management- Using your time effectively and efficiently to improve overall performance.

Spiritual coaching- Finding true meaning and discovering inner peace and happiness.

Leadership coaching- Qualities that will make you an effective leader with confidence.


Confidence, Courage, Achievement, Motivation, Vision, Drive, Productivity, Energy, Courage, Life Coach, Time Clarity, Potential, Self Development, Habits, Performance / Career, Spiritual, Inner self, Inner Peace, Happiness, Religious, Mindset, Thoughts, Positive thinking, Self belief, Transformation, Challenges, Creative, Empathy, Action, Target
Results / Passion / Skills / Inspiration / Growth / Empowerment / Openness / Compassion / Desire /
Faith / Relationships / Divorce / Decision / Direction/
Content / Mindset / Focus