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Coach Fliss Holmes
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Fliss Holmes - Qualified Coach

Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Mental Health  Interpersonal Relationships
Career Satisfaction  Personal Training
Diet and Nutrition Confidence and Contentment

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
Skype EmailYes

Fliss is offering 2 free sessions


Trained with : NCC Home Learning, Centre of Excellence, New Skills Academy and more...

Qualifications : ·Psychology ·Forensic Psychology ·Psychology of Criminal Profiling ·Sociology ·Life Coaching ·Mindfulness ·Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (x2) ·Addiction Therapy ·Diet and Nutrition Adviser ·Personal Training ·Forensic Science L3 ·Forensic Science L4


About Me

· Are you struggling with direction, confidence, goal setting, health or positivity? Do you find yourself feeling depressed, lonely, unfulfilled, unmotivated or stressed? Yes? Then you've come to the right place!

·I chose coaching to channel my knowledge into a into a holistic aid to improve people’s lives and help them achieve their goals, feel fulfilled and unlock their full potential for success and happiness. I have battled depression, anxiety and had to overcome some tough obstacles, but I feel that this experience further qualifies me for this calling and gives me more perspective and empathy

·I love all animals except moths, moths are creepy

·My favourite film of all time is Braveheart

·I am fiercely passionate about kindness and compassion and naturally gravitate to those who are facing struggle


I believe our thoughts create our reality and by transforming the lenses through which we view the world, we can create a more fulfilling and positive existence. These lenses are forged from the maladaptive beliefs, values and rules you have adopted throughout your life and engrained into your psyche through repetition.

Together we will identify and unravel these pathways of your mind through deep, honest and powerful introspection. Then, we will reconstruct and retrain your mindset with practice, drive and intention.

Consultations and sessions are conducted through the instant messenger on my website. This innovative system creates transcripts of each session, allowing my attention to be solely on you and what you’re saying rather than split between listening and note-taking. Also, for anxious clients, this approach is less daunting than conventional mechanisms. For more information, please visit my website:


Mindfulness, CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivation, Stress Management, Insomnia, Low Mood, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Health, Emotional Wellbeing, Balance, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, New Start, New Life, Career Direction, Stability, Transform, Develop, Grow, Strength, Positivity, Positive Change, Clarity, Passion, Confidence, Calm, Wellness, Direction, Achieving Dreams, Goal Setting,