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Coach Laura Herrero
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Laura Herrero

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Spanish

Coaching Specialties

Young Coaching  Limiting belieffs
Self- knowledge Goal Setting
Career Coaching Awareness

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email

Laura is offering 1 free session


About Me

I have worked in HR for over 5 years and I am a qualified Transformational Coach by Animas. I have as well a BSc in Psychology and an MA in human resources. I have also completed the MBCT - mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

I offer 1 Discovery Session for free in which we will start with Coaching and I offer discounts if you buy packages of Coaching sessions with me.


I do believe, everyone of us has the potential of doing and feel better and I do believe being aware and knowing yourself is the first step to get there.

I do believe that the transition to adult life is one of the most important phases in your life and if will define how you identify yourself as an adult.

That’s why I coach young people to overcome their struggles and become the adult they want to be.

What can you expect from our sessions? Active Listening, a non-judgemental approach, empathy and understanding, new perspectives to challenge your limiting beliefs, challenge, deep questions, empowerment and moving forward in your own terms.


You need some clarity -

You want to know yourself better -

You are stuck in life -

You want to hit some goals/ target -

You are ready to take action –

You are sick of waiting -


Mindset, impostor syndrome, MBTI, mindfulness, clarity, confidence, limiting beliefs, goals, passion, purpose, transformation, career coaching, life coaching, limiting beliefs, values, wheel of life, perfectionism, performance, interviews, motivation, values, awareness, identity, young adults, people in their twenties.