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Corina Pall - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Transition  Values
Inner Transformation Relationships
Limiting Beliefs Trusting your intuition

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

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Trained with : International Coach Academy, Center for Transformational Coaching

Qualifications : Certified as a Professional Coach, Certified Deep Transformational Coach


About Me

I always had these big questions like "Who am I?" and "Why am I here, what's my purpose in life?". I find it hard to accept that we only live to work, buy things to fill our loneliness and go on holidays - don't get me wrong, I LOVE TO TRAVEL! Life has to be more than that! I wanted to experience life at a deeper level and I was adamant I was going to find a way. And this is when I decided to train as a coach. Before coaching, I wasn't aware that I based all my decisions on my values and beliefs, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Neuroscience has proven that in the unfolding of our lives only 5% is controlled by our conscious mind and 95% is controlled by our unconscious mind. Coaching helped me uncovered my values and beliefs and I learned that the beliefs that don't serve me I have the choice to let them go and only keep the ones that support me. Unless we have a clear look at our beliefs, we will never know that the beliefs we are holding are truly ours, or they have been passed down from our parents, family, schooling or society. All the underlying beliefs control our life, beliefs that are not even ours. No wonder life can feel a struggle with 5% going where we want to and 95% where other people want. These beliefs are usually so basic to our thinking and feeling, that we don't seem to realise that they are beliefs at all. So, it takes courage to look at your beliefs, however once you've done it, life will be more beautiful than ever.
But before you do anything important in your life, you have to calm your mind. This is not only so you can take the right decision, but so you can feel that the right decision is right for you! We live in a world where social media helps us to be connected with people from all over the world. At the same time we feel more disconnected than ever. Why is that? We crave human connection and that can only be achieved when interacting with another human being on a deeper level, not only through pictures or messages. We live in a world of instant pleasure and gratification, where everything happens in a blink of an eye. And sometimes we forget that, when working on something it takes time to be accomplished, everything is a process and like any process it takes time. So, it's time our only problem, or there is our lack of commitment to ourselves that lets us down?
My goal is for you to experience the life of your dreams! Whatever that might mean to you; slow down so you can enjoy your true self, surrender to the power of the Universe, start your own business, invest in your personal development, find love, improve your relationships, setting goals. With no goals you will go where the wind blows, however if you are focused on your goal you can control the direction. We are constantly asking ourselves the question: What should I do with my life? Is this what I want from my life? Can I ask more from myself or this is my limit? We want to take action only if we are certain that things will work out a certain way. But if everything in life was certain, then life would be boring, right?
I'm here to support you find your passions, those things that make your heart sing and dance, have fun and enjoy yourself everyday no matter the circumstances. I'm here to support you find your motivation and inspiration to live, explore and experiment your life so you not only survive but actually thrive.
Choosing to invest in your personal development is going to be the best invest you will ever make in your life! We all know what to do to have a great life, however only the ones that use the knowledge and decide to take action achieve a great sense of accomplishment and success. You have a great chance to succeed, simply because you are on this page and looking at ways on how to invest in yourself and increase your own value.
I'm here to support you! The path it's not easy, but I have done and so can you! I am continuously focusing on my personal development and transformation, so not just talk the talk but actually walk the walk. I'm one of those people that if you take one step I'll take two.


I coach people who have a deep desire to connect with their heart desire and upgrade their limitations.Transformational coaching supports clients to engage more from the heart in their day to day life and less from the head. During our time together, I will support you to:implement action from a new way of being, discover your true potential, live connected with your values, learn to be more compassionate and forgiving, trust the process and yourself, commit to your own self development, clear any limiting beliefs and anything else you might find brings value to your life.

Reviews (4)

Thank you so much for the opportunity! It is an eye opener experience! Sometimes we try so hard to figure things out, and we are unable to see what is in front of us [more]
Corina is one of a kind [more]
I would definitely recommend Corina She guided me through a course of mindfulness, limiting beliefs, values and communication. [more]
I have completed a cycle of sessions with Corina, in deep and transformational coaching [more]


Transformational Coaching, Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Clarity, Inner Knowing, Trust, Meaning, Life Purpose.