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Coach Chris Magee
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Chris Magee - Qualified Coach

BELFAST, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Peak Performance  Health / Bad Habits
Dating / Relationships Self Confidence
Negative Emotions Goal Achievement

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

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Trained with : Robbins Madanes Core 100

Qualifications : Core 100


About Me

I help my clients overcome negative emotions and bad habits so they can set goals for peak performance in their relationships, personal and professional lives.
Do you have a specific personal or professional goal you would like to achieve?
Do you have confidence and social skills you want to improve?
Have you got health, fitness and wellbeing challenges you want to overcome?
Do you have limiting beliefs that prevent you from going after what you want?

I have helped clients succeed with a range of issues such as:

- Coaching them to achieve a career goal – financial or other
- Starting a business they love
- Helping men improve their dating life and attract the partner they want
- Helping men and women how to communicate with each other in a healthy, romantic way and have a fulfilling relationship
- Creating a permanent, healthy lifestyle
- Creating a life and lifestyle they have always wanted
- Confidence building and social skills
- Breaking through personal barriers and limiting beliefs

My name is Chris Magee. I am a Personal, Life and Peak Performance Coach. I am extremely passionate about working with people on a one to one basis to help them change their lives and reach their full potential. I am equally as committed to my own personal development.

Everything I have learned and bring to the table as a coach I have either experienced or learned myself and applied it in my life. The reason I learned what I have learned is because I have failed at the


Peak Performance / Overcome Negative Emotions
Relationships (And Dating)
Goal Setting and Achieving


Life Coach, Peak Performance Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Addiction Coach, Confidence Coach, Health Coach, Mindset Coach, Goals Coach, Wellness, Confidence, Overcoming Challenges, Happiness, Wellbeing