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Dasha Lukiniha - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Russian

Coaching Specialties

Life transition crisis  Finance/debt problems
Low moods and anxiety Self esteem issues
Career transition Relationship problems

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Life Coach Training Institute, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy, The Centre for Stress Management

Qualifications : Certified Life Coach and EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, PsychoHypnotherapist in training


About Me

Do you feel stuck and are struggling to decide on which direction to take in life?
Are you worried about your finances, never earning enough or are stuck with debt and it’s bringing you down?
Do you find yourself getting caught up in the wrong kind or “toxic” relationships and you’d love to figure out how to build loving and warm ones?
Or maybe you find that the general vitality and wellness has been drained out of your life? Life is kind of okay on the surface but things just feel meh….
Hi, my name is Dasha and I have been through all of those things. And I’m so excited to share that if you find yourself right here, it’s fantastic news – you’re right on track and stand exactly in the right place to learning what it is that you need to shed all of your blocks and really come into yourself. I would love to help you along your journey and find clear solutions to your questions, no matter how loaded they are. Having worked with many trauma healing modalities, my working philosophy with clients is that getting down to the core root of your blocks, clearing them on the energy level and re-framing your scenarios is a must in order to move forward in a balanced way.


I moved to the UK when I was 16 with no money and no support network. With 500 pounds in my pocket as my starting capital I had to come up with solutions very fast. Over three years of stress I gained 60 pounds, was a heavy smoker. Fears, anxiety, low moods, feelings of loneliness and large personal debts I felt I couldn't get out of were my best friends. And one moment, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and deciding that there’s a different way to live life. So I got to work.
I made it in the world of economics and strategy consulting and paid off all of my debts. I lost 60 pounds, quit smoking and got my health on track. And most importantly of all, I got happy. And I really got to know myself. And what my boundaries are.
And so I’ve realized that that is what I truly want to do - to help people understand how wonderful they are, how truly powerful they are in their lives and how they are always in charge of their life. I began extensive study of psychology, neuroscience, health & nutrition. I am a certified coach, EFT Practitioner and a certified consultant in metaphoric associative card technique. I am also a careers mentor with UCL.

Reviews (18)

Dear Dasha,
Thank you for your email and session the other day [more]
Fantastic session with Dasha
with only one session, in a human and professionnal approach, she could go through my issue and make me feel good. [more]
Dasha was so helpful and opened my eyes to what I truly want in life and how to get there! I high recommend her. [more]
If I had one word to say about Dasha it would be - Empowering

Was a great session Dasha Immediately recognised what I need help with. [more]
I had a complimentary session with Dasha and I can confidently say that she's a great coach [more]
Great experience, truly professional, dedicated, very detailed and helpful.

Definitely going to continue my sessions with Dasha.
Dasha was instrumental in helping me create a huge shift in my thinking [more]
Wow. [more]
I wanted coaching to find out my purpose in life after I have been considering and contemplating for a while what should I do [more]
I have had a couple of calls with Dasha and she has been great, really personable and a great help with some transitions I'm making [more]
Dasha is a great coach She asks important questions to make you come up with answers yourself. [more]
Dasha is a supportive and intuitive listener who works collaboratively with client to uncover the situation that needs to be resolved [more]
Dasha is very nice person, working with her was a pleasure, she really makes you thinking in the right direction if you are lost in your life. [more]
My session with Dasha Lukiniha was very inspirational She has a clear, concise manner that helps you see your life in a completely new light. [more]
Working with Dasha has been a pleasure [more]
After my coaching sessions with Dasha, I have noticed a decrease in the anxiety I was feeling around my finances and around marketing the offers in my business [more]
Dasha made the whole process very easy for me She was interested in my development and got the most out of each session. [more]
Working with Dasha has been a truly great experience [more]


Career transition, apathy, depressive moods, anxiety, low self esteem, boundary setting, finance, debt, life crisis, transformation, limiting beliefs, quarter life crisis, values, leadership