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Helle Browne

London, United Kingdom

Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Clarity  Communication
Living in the Now Changing path
Following passion Body & Mind

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Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Helle is offering 1 free session


About Me

I want to know what it is really important to you? How do you want to live your life? What if....? These are questions I love to ask myself and make the answers my design for life - today... but a design which is free to evolve and change

“Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold” Nancy Kline

Hello, I am Helle and am based in London

After completing a course in counselling skills, I understood that coaching was more in alignment with my own purpose. And I love to help others uncover and explore their ideas, find their voice.. and be the creator of their own life

My own life experiences of working in property and interior design, running a home and nurturing a family fulfilled my love of the creation of beautiful and peaceful external environments, which impact positively on people’s internal environments

Through times which challenge my own harmony, the creation of beautiful space remains important to me. A space where there is calm, peace and safety. And that space may be non-physical, may be a time, may be a state

My passion is to create these spaces for my clients. Drawing on my learnings and experience of self-development, Non-Violent Communication, parenting course facilitation, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, transformational coaching, clean language coaching, Feminine Power coaching, Exponential coaching and the Talent and Wealth Dynamics systems, I love to explore with you the questions you may already be asking; to light up where you may not be looking; so you can create and live your path of exponential and powerful transformation


“The quality of our attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking” Nancy Kline

I love to work together with and give exquisite attention to clients who:

Have genuine desire to change path or prioritise their life
Feel overwhelmed and seek clarity
Have difficulties with written or verbal expression of their own wishes
Would like more balance, peace, calm in their life
Have a specific business or project they want to bring into the world

I look forward to hearing from you if you would be interested to have an exploratory conversation. I am currently offering 1 free 2 hour session of deep transformational coaching

Reviews (10)

Not only is her name as gentle as she sounds, but I absolutely love how Helle has helped me focus on the positive things that make me, me! Helle has helped nourish my way of thinking and encouraged me with reinvesting in myself [more]
Helle is a truly gifted and heart centered coach who is very giving and genuinely wants the best for her clients [more]
Helle has been brilliant!
As a coach, she has taught me life-altering communication tools and techniques [more]
Helle is a compassionate and understanding coach who gently helped me through some blocks I was having with my life direction and with my work [more]
I have worked with Helle for 3 sessions so far, and I am about to book for more [more]
I found Helle very helpful in supporting me to challenge my own world views Increase my understanding of others needs as well as focusing on my own. [more]
First time I talked to Helle I used the word "stuck" because that was how I was feeling [more]
Before I met Helle, I had a blurry vision of what I wanted to do with my life [more]
Helle is an amazing and gifted individual [more]
Helle is a brilliant coach and her wholehearted support has made a big difference on my journey to success [more]


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