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Coach Elena Krechko
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Elena Krechko - Qualified Coach

Moscow, Russia


Languages : English, Russian

Coaching Specialties

mid-life crisis  life-changes/transitions
transform negative feelings  overcome stress
relationship coach  marriage coach

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes

Elena is offering 1 free session


Trained with : International University Global Coaching, London (UK) - Moscow (Russia)

Qualifications : PCC ICF Certified Level, certified psychologist


About Me

As an ICF professional certified Coach I abide by the ICF's code of ethics. I have a great experience working as a family psychologist for more than 20 years with a great amount of clients on different related issues. I help couples, families, women and men to find important answers by using coaching, psychological methods and my professional experience. I definitely believe in you progress and truly inspire you to unleash your potential. I see lots of ups and downs in people's life and I should help them immediately or in a very short period of time. I help them to find these inner resources and to cope in life successfully.


As a relationship and marriage Coach and a family psychologist I can deal with any issues you are experiencing. However, my coaching niche is developing into these areas: no meaning, overcome stress or mid-life crisis, divorce difficulties (before and after) and separation. New relationship /new career changes / new life or 'new beginnings': new space, new friends, childbirth preparation, changes in the family, finding your passion in life, fulfilment. Enhancing or finding spirituality, relocations into another country, city, new company. May be you are feeling overwhelmed, experiencing stress or feels 'stuck' and dissatisfied with any aspects of your life but unable to make changes effectively? I use practical coaching and psychological methods to help you to move from A to B by taking my 5 or 10 weeks package (it depends on your speed) online individual program to a better you! More over, I also conduct online transformational coaching and psychological games for women and men to create better relationship, for couples to renew and bring positive emotions. For parents to improve relationships with their children. Just meet with me online and start changing! I work worldwide, my clients choose to work with me because they feel more empowered, inspired for the next or new step and have all resources to fulfil it! You are able in ways that you don't know and I truly believe in your enormous inner potential.


Relationship and marriage coach, overcome stress, anxiety, fears, doubts, life difficulties, failures, divorce, mid-life crisis. Find soulmate. Goals. Make breakthrough, make a right decision, time and stress management, positive thinking. When you start from scratch. Limited beliefs. Limits of money. Self-confidence.Transformational games.Fulfilment. Transitions. Purpose. Life/work balance. Find True you.

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