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Lou Robinson - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Business Coaching  Focus
Self Belief Confidence
Life Balance Career Coaching

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email

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Trained with : Animas Centre for coaching

Qualifications : Transformational Coaching Diploma


About Me

Do you want to change but don’t know where to start or how to get going? Are you struggling to focus or get traction on a project or idea?

I help people who are stuck, have hit burn out or need help working out the most effective way forward.

I work with people and teams to make rewarding changes. I do this using my corporate program, organisational change and digital transformation experience backed up by my transformational coaching diploma and neuroscience training.

Before becoming a coach, I specialised in process improvement and business change. I worked with clients such as BAe Avionics, Virgin Atlantic and the Department of Health on customised business improvement solutions. At Citi bank, I delivered an EMEA wide compliance training program and at HSBC I led the global Compliance Education team in driving organisation wide, cultural change.

Since leaving the corporate world, I have qualified as a transformational life coach and completed several courses in Neuroscience, specifically for coaches and consultants.

I now work with entrepreneurs and corporate clients to make better decisions and clear their path for rewarding change. I use both coaching and neuroscience backed techniques to help people uncover their hidden agendas and move forward with confidence.

I have a deep interest in psychology and understanding why we do the things we do. I love helping people sort through everything going on in their heads and understand what is really important. If this sounds interesting to you – please get in touch!


I love creating order out of chaos and helping people grow: by understanding drivers, exploring new approaches, making the most out of opportunities by understanding how to increase motivation.

As a qualified coach I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to sort through the noise, understand what’s really important and create plans that support their strengths and preferences. I have helped directors create the personal and professional space they need to better manage stress, make the changes they want to and be better leaders. I have helped emerging leaders find their voice and be confident to speak out. I have helped entrepreneurs focus and find motivation to deliver on their ideas. I have also helped individuals work through a sense of overwhelm to map out different priorities, address conflict and make plans that better match their values - supporting several clients launch new business ideas. See referrals on my website and google feedback for more.

I help business leaders create order and define clear plans and processes, to streamline efforts and focus on the big ticket areas.
I help individuals understand and resolve both personal and professional problems.

Reviews (4)

Lou was very good at helping me focus on the most important goals I have for myself, stretching them, and helping me to prioritize the steps it would take to get there [more]
Working with Louisa showed me the tremendous value of good coaching I had 2 ideas that I needed to get clarity on. [more]
Louisa is easy to talk to and is truly a good listener She has helped me to define my goal and get closer to achieving it. [more]
I had already met Lou before she started coaching me and I was drawn immediately to her warm, vivacious personality and humour [more]


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