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Coach Vally Petrou
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Vally Petrou

Paris, France


Languages : English, French, Greek, Turkish

Coaching Specialties

Goal Setting& Achieving theem!  Weight Loss, Emotional Hunger
Self Confidence,EmotionalBlock Obtain Health,Clarity,Calmness
Habits Formation Step by Step Live With Passion

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email

Vally is offering 4 free sessions


About Me

I am an experienced, certified Life Coach. I have travelled globally, lived with other cultures and have clients all over the world.
If you want results in your personal or business life, take a chance and make a difference in your life.
I had to overcome many difficult experiences, but because of these experiences I gained valuable insights about how to overcome them and much much more.
Now, I want to serve others so they can live a passionate wonderful life, to the fullest.
I started my career as a Biologist, working in the Clinical Research field, parallel to this I was teaching Yoga and Pilates, and I continued with Qualified trainings on Coaching, being passionate about creating a happy, healthy fulfilling life for people.
Trust me, every day, you can learn something new, start something new, making every day an opportunity for a new beginning in your life
In our brain, there are beliefs, perceptions, from childhood, given from others, that don’t allow us to reach our highest potential
I will help you to prime your brain, and replace the old unhelpful habits and beliefs, that are holding you back from achieving your life’s dream
I will coach you to reach either your individual goals, or the vision you want for your life .
Take care of your mind, body and soul, you have only one place to live in


I will coach you to prime your brain with to the beliefs, behaviors, habits, actions, in order to achieve your golas, and dreams, live the life you were meant to live
We transform our life by transforming our thinking, limiting beliefs, mental barriers and blocks
WE can establish a plan that will allow you to have the mental stability, focus, clarity, positivity, emotional strength, manage your time well, achieve what is the most important for you every day, and feel contentment!
We can decide to use if you wish, a diary, Positive Affirmations/Visualization/Journaling
I want you to feel free and share with me your emotional states that are weighing on you or are puzzling you,
so we can recognize them, see the desired outcome for you, find the way to achieve it, leading a balanced life, emotional strength, happiness, fulfilment
If you “suffer” from emotional hunger! let me share briefly my story with you!
As an adult I had an eating disorder. I realized It was a need to express myself, my feelings...

Psychologists couldn’t help me, until I met a doctor and I Iearn “the secret” and savoured proper digestion! Then , Freedom! Calmness!
I have gained the confidence that I was missing , I conquered my eating disorder,
I took control of my life, and I want to share all these, to serve others


Habits Formation
Goal setting, get going, and achieving them
Emotional Strength
Self Confidence
Emotional Blocks
Life Purpose
Health In Body & Mind,
Weight Loss,
Food Addiction
Emotional Hunger
Stuck In Life,
Transition Coaching,
Trauma Coaching
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
Transpersonal Coaching
Transformational Coaching
Work-Life Balance
Health, clarity, calmness
Live with passion