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Maiko Rogers - Qualified Coach

San Diego, United States


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Dating & Relationships  Stepmom & Blending Lives
Self-Worth & Core Values High-Conflict Personalities
Law Of Attraction Mindfulness & Presence

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Trained with : Dr. Kanner

Qualifications : 12+ years of consistent life coaching trainings, intensives, workshops, and working with the best experts and therapists not only in the personal growth arena but also the personality disorder & high-conflict co-parenting niches.


About Me

Hello:) I focus on guiding women toward increased personal insight and self-empowerment as they face their life & relationship challenges. I truly believe that change only comes with intention and effort. We often lack the basic clarity on what we really want. And sometimes, our dreams are so simple and within reach... we just haven't focused our energies on carving out a plan to get them. I will help you do this in the areas that matter most -- working through my coaching program, we'll move you beyond just talking about change but actually implementing it with healthier choices and behavior!

I believe that our pain and struggles are necessary for growth toward happiness. They give us the awareness of what we don't want so that we can build the boundaries we need to protect ourselves -- and we don't continue to repeat the patterns that cause us pain.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this place (and a lot of hard work in my own life & relationships), but I now know this journey is so much bigger than anyone else.

Happiness is an inside job, it starts with you. This is about soul-work. A return to your personal power, self-love and a search for the true essence of your relationships. Don’t lose one more precious day — it’s time to empower yourself and carve out a life & relationships you love — with intention.

Let's see if we're a coaching fit...


Let’s face it, life and relationships can be challenging – you need to know yourself on a deep-level sister! I help you to gain clarity on your values and teach you to fine tune your intuition. I believe this is foundational for creating authentic love.

As scary as it can be, change that’s grounded in this kind of alignment with your deeper self is a very exciting process. It almost feels as if you’re peeling away the shallow layers of a facade as you tune in to who you really are and start to set the real you free. Finally. No more bullshit.

I also specialize in (but am not limited to) helping women navigate being in the stepmom role or in a relationship with a man who has children. Let's be real, being in a relationship with a man who has children is challenging! I work best with clients who are willing to take a realistic look at themselves and their partner and do the necessary work and exert the energy it takes to shift a potentially high-conflict co-parenting dynamic with the other biological parent.

My program provides solution-focused tools as we face the realities of this role using a strength-based (positivity focused) model. We turn the mirror back on you. Are you ready?

Reviews (10)

I contacted Maiko during a really difficult breakup [more]
Worked with Maiko for about half year or so It was good to know that someone had went through similar experiences as me and I was not alone in it. [more]
Maiko has been wonderful to work with Her sparkling personality paired with positive coaching style made this a truly worthwhile experience. [more]
I was offered such a wonderful opportunity to work with coach Maiko Rogers [more]
Reliable, enjoyed my coaching sessions. Learnt a lot from Maiko :) [more]
I have been working with Maiko for the past few months, I have found her excellent to work with Maiko is very approachable and easy to talk too. [more]
I absolutely LOVED my sessions with Maiko Each time I would speak with her it felt as if I'd known her for years. [more]
Maiko has been a rock for me during one of the hardest times of my life [more]
I have contacted Maiko because I did not know where to turn I was feeling down, conflicted, and emotionally exhausted. [more]
The guidance Maiko has given me is immeasurable Without it, I don't know what path my life would have taken. [more]


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