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Steve Paul - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

career  presentations
promotion musicians
start-up entrepreneur

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Trained with : Animas; University of Portsmouth

Qualifications : Diploma in Transformational Coaching; BA Hons Business and Marketing


About Me

I work with business and creative professionals who want to be able to answer the key questions:

“What do I want to achieve in my work and personal life?”
“What do I believe I can achieve at my best?”
“How can I accomplish that and who can help?”

Asking questions like these is part of the process of discovering, exploring and realising your best self. Your best self is the authentic you - where there is a physical and mental balance between personal life and work life. Your best self follows career and life paths in harmony towards your most valued life goals. Your best self lives your passion.
If you are at a junction in your career – I can help. Through my person-centred coaching, you will be able to find the answers the questions you're asking yourself. 

I'll give you the time and space to pause and to think about where you want to get to and how to get there. My approach can be challenging and will push you further than you may go on your own, but I will always be respectful and supportive.

If you want to become your best self, get in touch for an initial without-charge consultation.

My qualifications: a Diploma in Transformational Coaching and a BA Honours in Business and Marketing.

Previously in my career, I worked for leading brands - Philips, HarperCollins Publishers, the BBC, IBM-Lotus and, in the last 16 years, I have worked in branding, digital and communications agencies.


Career Junctions and Professional Milestones: When change presents new opportunities and you have to decide what path to follow.  
• Promotion – getting set for the first 100 days in a new role
• Change and reorganisation – deciding how to harness the opportunity presented
• Returning to work – after parenting leave, a sabbatical or redundancy
• Relocating – moving to a new part of the country or another country
• Career change – a complete change of job, downshifting or pre-tirement

Reassessing and Re-evaluating: We all regularly need take time to reflect and to reassess and re-evaluate where we are and where we want to get to?
• Setting priorities
• Managing work-life balance
• Realising and reflecting on unfulfilled ambitions
• Making sense of how your values are aligned to your workplace
• Thinking ahead to likely career pathways and challenges in later years
• Understanding and the causes of and the solutions to conflicts and disputes

Presence: How you can be fully present and at your best when the occasion and the moment requires? This applies to professional events such as
• Meetings
• Workshops
• Rehearsals
• Presentations
• Public speaking
• Pitches and proposals
• Interviews – interviewer or interviewee
• Auditions
• Reviews and assessments


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