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Steve Paul - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

career  motivation
promotion confidence
start-up entrepreneur

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email

Steve is offering 1 free session


Trained with : Animas (Transformational Coaching); Salus Academy (NLP); University of Portsmouth

Qualifications : Diploma in Transformational Coaching; BA Hons Business and Marketing


About Me

“I’d highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking clarity of vision as they embark on an uncharted future."

“Working with Steve has enabled me to break the process down into manageable actions…”

"The whole experience with Steve I feel has been so positive, giving me greater confidence and drive.”

“I felt incredibly motivated and engaged, looking forward to each session.”


If you want to manage with change and complexity, and feel a sense of excitement about the day ahead, try to answer these questions

“What is my purpose - where am I going in my work life and personal life?”
"What can I do to find the kind of success that is fulfilling for me?"
“How can I affect change and enrich my life, each and every day?”
"How do I find the confidence and motivation to start and keep on this journey?"
“Where will I find strategies for living and thriving in a complex digital world?”

Asking questions like these is what we can work on together in coaching and mentoring sessions. We take the time to exploring and discover how you can embrace the changes that will bring you fulfilment and happiness in your personal life and your work life.

If you're open to the answers you find, you'll able to learn and grow with every experience, and from every relationship. You'll be able to build on your natural skills and capabilities to follow your career path and life path in harmony towards your life goals. 


• Meetings
• Workshops
• Rehearsals
• Presentations
• Public speaking
• Pitches and proposals
• Interviews – interviewer or interviewee
• Auditions
• Reviews and assessments

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