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Maria Richters - Qualified Coach

United Kingdom


Languages : English, German, Spanish

Coaching Specialties

Assertiveness  Creativity
Purpose Entrepreneur
Health and Fitness Mindfulness

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes EmailYes

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Trained with : Animas Coaching


About Me

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If you have landed on my profile we will be exploring the Art of You.

We all are masterpieces in our own unique way. With coaching we have the opportunity to bring our true light to shine, for our ideas, passions, skills, needs and wants to be brought to the surface and put into action. This is what makes us uniquely beautiful and we all have our flavour to give to the world and make it matter!

If you truly feel that you want to uncover the essence of you, you are my client.

Have you been putting off a creative endeavour that has been on your mind for a while? Are you feeling stuck in an area of your life? Are you curious what else is there? You have a strong sense there is more to you!
For true happiness to flow, an energy exchange needs to happen. Doing the same things over and over creates stuck energy. Getting to the bottom of who you are, will create flow!

There are many things we want to do but seem to put it off, it could be through self doubt or not knowing where to start.

We are all creative beings and its all just a matter of being true to ourselves and honour our ideas and inspirations as they are our own inner map to happiness.

Lets explore what this is for you and take you to the next stage of your life on your journey to live the true


Uncovering creativity ( the life force ) with my clients.
My clients truly want change and truly feel ready to get started with the work of uncovering their true art of their being.

I specialize in personal development, finding or honouring our purpose by exploring what we truly enjoy doing. This starts at exploring what are the things that excite us? Hobbies, places, let your dreams come to life in the sessions! And what are the things we stay away from or don't like. Identifying the reasons can clear the way to receive more of what you want. By aligning yourself fully to your desired outcome by embodying it.

Certainty and believing in oneself.
Entrepreneur Coaching
Best version of ourselves

If interested I also work with the Laws of the universe, Law of Attraction, and especially with the power of being Assertive! Please mention your interest of any of these points if you would like to hear more about it.

I offer a free discovery call of 1 hour to explore what you want to bring to the coaching. Please get in touch through


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