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Coach Alexandr Vreme
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Alexandr Vreme

Stratford, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Russian

Coaching Specialties

goal setting   self confidence
limiting believes  business coaching

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email

Alexandr is offering 6 free sessions


About Me

Hi, my name is Alex and I am a London based Life coach.

I have been enjoying the benefits of being a life coach since May 2016 when I realized that Life coaching is something I'm made for. I strongly believe that we are all capable to achieve the object of our definitive goal in life and that our best friend and worst enemy is our self!

I love helping people grow and achieve they full potential. I love seeing them excited about their goals and daily action plans. I believe everyone should take time for themselves to think about their life situation, future aspirations, projects and examine their own current feelings.

I believe people must fight to make their dreams a reality. I work with them to achieve this.


I have a direct and effective coaching approach which I think reflects my personality.

I challenge my clients through powerful questions to facilitate examination of core beliefs, issues and obstacles, all of which are components to work on during the coaching process.

I offer 6 coaching sessions for free that last from 45 minutes to one hour and. via telephone, skype or in person.

After the sessions you then have the choice to continue with paid sessions or take what you've learned so fate and implement it in your life. At the end of the sessions, you will be asked to fill a testimonial form.


I'm a life coach looking for people that are dealing with personal as well as business challenges.


Self Confidence, Courage, Esteem, Expression, Family, Finance, Focus, Friendship, Fulfilment, Fun, Happiness, Love, Man Life Coach, Management, Mindfulness, Motivation, Passions, Peace, Presentations, Procrastination, Professional, Project Management, Projects, Purpose, Relationships, Self, Self Love, Stress, Team, Tension, Time, Unhappiness, Well-being, Work-life, Confidence Coach