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Naresh Mall

West Norwood, United Kingdom

Languages : English

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About Me

I am a coach trainee in London training with the Coaching Academy. Im a grounded person with a life long passion for working dynamically with people from diverse backgrounds- culturally, ethnically, spiritually, gender, age, sexual orientation, transgender and anyone in between these broader categories.

I am a firm believer in mutual respect and honesty as far as human beinge are able to express and give that. I want to work with anyone that has an interest in self-development and seeking to move forward but sometimes lacking direction or not clear about the pathway towards this.


My name is Naresh Mall and I am a coaching student with the coaching Academy. I have embarked on the PPD and once I complete this I intend to embark on the Executive & Leadership Coaching Diploma.

I have an interest in coaching potential clients in a variety of areas including:

· self confidence
· employer, employee relationships
· Time management
· organisation
· job interview preparation
· career change
· relationships with others
. Motivation
. Crisis management
. Mental health

I can work with people from the private and public sectors. I am a social worker by profession. I would be happy to work with people on their personal, social and professional self-development. I am also interested to hear from anyone who wants to make a change in their life because they feel stuck in their career, personal life, health desires, relationship with others, or want to start a business.

I am offering;
· Pro-bono coaching as a trainee
· One, 60 minute introductory session
· Six, subsequent 30-45 minute sessions
· Post sessions email support

In return for my commitment to working with you to develop and achieve your goals:
· I will request a personal written testimonial

The sessions can be carried out;
· face-to-face if you are local (I live in southeast London)
· Skype
· Phone

If you know anyone who would benefit from my coaching, please email me


Development., Health, Lbgtq., Matters., Mental, Personal, Crisis.