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Ignas Genys - Qualified Coach

Vilnius, Lithuania


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Masculinity  Emotional Awareness
Personal Development Relationship
Decision Life

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
TelephoneYes ViberYes
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Trained with : Baltic Coaching Centre ICF Certified

Qualifications : ICF Affiliated Coaching Certificate, Points of You Trainer Certificate


About Me

Existential coaching for men.

It’s not manly to feel yet it is to suppress feelings.
It’s not manly to show fear yet domestic violence is.
It’s not masculine to speak up, yet it is to commit suicide.

We, men, are human beings and we deserve to live as human beings without acting as if we were something else. Without pretending to be someone else than we are.

Many of us feel shame:
I am too sensitive. I’m not responsible enough. Not strong enough, not wealthy, nor am I brave enough. I can’t stand up for myself.
I’m not sensitive enough, too stern.
I am afraid. I fear too much. I must know how to deal with things, but I don’t…
I don’t know how to be myself.
I am homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or I’m just different than “the majority” of men.
I am afraid others will see me the way I truly am.

We have wounds. And these wounds get in the way as we strive for intimate connection with other people. We envy, we control, we abuse, we compete, or we avoid others altogether. Even though we don’t want to.

There are many of us. Many of us take our lives, damn it! But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let's talk. The first call is on me.


I remember feeling a void within. The way me and my father connected created a place deep inside that’s empty. I was longing for “I’m proud of you.” Missing encouragement. Lacking support so much so that my little mind ended up believing a heavy lie that “I am not enough.”

It took a journey to realize it’s me who can connect with that little boy inside and help him meet his needs. It is me who can finally take responsibility for the feelings I feel and the actions I take. It is me who determines what it takes “to be enough.”

Nice to meet you. I’m an experiential training specialist and a coach. Emotional intelligence, relationships, and self-esteem are my speciality. Nine years of meditation practice comes as a gift for awareness and empathy needed to really listen and connect. Through group and individual work I help men re-inhabit themselves. To unlearn what’s toxic and reinforce what’s healthy in them.

My clients are those who are mature enough to ask uncomfortable questions.
I work with men brave enough to admit their flaws.
I work with those who dare to be painfully true to themselves.

Sounds like you? Think with me.

Reviews (4)

Ignas was a great coach and helped me work through some my issues and offered advice and information on my journey [more]
I wanted to cure my symptoms, Ignas helped and is helping me to cure the disease. [more]
I had a coaching session from Ignas and found him to be very present [more]
Mr Ignas is a good listener. He will let you tell your story and be comfortable. [more]


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