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Robert Moeckel

Berlin, Germany


Languages : English, German

Coaching Specialties

Deep Listening  Authentic and Vulnerable
No Judgement, Pure Love Serving Instead of Pleasing
Upgrading Your Belief Structur Leaning Into Your Power

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes Email

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About Me

I see unlimited potential in people. Why? Because I believe it is true. I see how people transform when I work with them. I see how other people's lives have been transformed. I see my own life being transformed constantly.

I see myself as a person who helps people tap into more of their potential. To get rid of limiting beliefs, to challenge their fears, to expand their comfort zone to help them embrace more of who they are and what they feel they are meant to be in this life.

Everybody has fears, has challenges and has limiting beliefs. You have, I have, the people we look up to have. No matter where you are, they will always be with you. And I think one of the strongest human needs is to grow and to expand our personality and capacities by facing and overcoming our fears, challenges and limiting beliefs. This is when we feel alive. And it is a prerequisite for happiness. I believe we take pride in who we become rather than in who we are.

My coaching goes deep and is holistic. The core of my craft comes from my training in Strategic Intervention by the (Anthony) Robbins-Madanes-Center (RMT).


The people I love to work with don't really need a coach. Actually, I don't think anyone needs a coach. But you may want to invest time and energy into coaching anyways. As a way to boost your growth, as a way to overcome fears and limiting beliefs you on your own have a hard time to see and get past them.

I love to work with warm, optimistic and energized women whose career is very important to them, but who know that only a healthy balance in work and private life will make them feel successful and fulfilled.

And I love to work with ambitious men, who want to step up their game by challenging and overcoming their fears that hold them back to being the best they can be.

Especially I love to work with people who are strongly connected with the meaning and contribution of their work.

If you want a coach that serves rather than pleases, if you are an action taker, if you are committed to change and ready to move to the next level, if you are ready to go deep to reveal and overcome the fears and blocks that hold you back, so that you can embrace and live out more of the potential that lies within you, then, and only then, I am thrilled to set up a time and day to meet you. So that I can guide you to move to the next level (and beyond), so you can thrive in the areas you

Reviews (9)

I needed help with my relationship. After 7 years of marriage I felt it was not growing and I was in a lot of pain. [more]
Robert worked with me on a weight issue I've been struggling with 20 years. [more]
My primary reason for hiring Robert was to support me in reaching a weight loss goal. [more]
I can't thank Robert enough for the incredible work we have done together.
Robert is brilliantly insightful & a highly talented coach. [more]
Robert is brilliantly insightful & a highly talented coach. [more]
Robert is an exceptional transformational coach. [more]
I couldn't have asked for more from the deep coaching session that I had with Robert. [more]


Action Takers, Authenticity, Career, Commitment, Contribution, Deep Coaching, Entrepreneurs, Fearless Coaching, Female, Growth, Holistic, Lasting Change, Leaders, Limiting Beliefs, Overcoming Fears, Potential, Removing Blocks, Sustainability, Thrive, Women, Business