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Coach Arzu Durukan
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Arzu Durukan - Qualified Coach

Istanbul, Turkey


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Find Out, Achieve Life Purpose  Heal the Wounded Self
Transform Personality Boost Creativity
Achieve Abundance, Joy, Health Heal Past Lives

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Erickson College International and

Qualifications : Coach and Shamanic Healer


About Me

Helping women become the person they were meant to be in this lifetime.

I started as a Life and Health coach and while it was great coaching people to achieve their dreams, later I realized that coaching is not the sole answer to all problems. Sometimes people needed healing to remove the things that are holding them back. So did I.

So I took some years from coaching, walking my own path of deep healing and transformation. Always being someone after shortcuts, I discovered several powerful tools that create rapid transformation/tangible results while removing blocks, saving people lots of time and money.

Now I'm back equipped with all the knowledge, experience and the new skills (and gifts) to facilitate easy and fast transformation.

I hold a vision for myself and my clients as "having an Easy, Abundant, Joyful, Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled life". Of course, I have what it takes to support that vision.

My foundation as a coach adds up to my service in terms of ethics, listening, respecting, confidentiality and everything that comes with a "coach" hat.

I use some Shamanic tools and some effective journeying techniques where I open portals and travel to realms for my clients to solve issues or achieve results easily and rapidly. I even offer a Light Bridge therapy service where my clients journey to their past lives to solve the blocks that are rooted there.

If you would like to taste what it feels like working with me, I invite you to send me a message and book a complimentary session where I will guide you to discover what you need most right at this point in your life, and how to achieve that outcome.

I hold a Life Coach Certificate as well as a Health Coach Certificate from two respected Coach Training Institutes, namely Erickson College International and Health Coach Training. Completed Level 2 EFT Practitioner training. And more importantly, I have a track record of happy clients


1. Help you find out what you want and need most
2. Support you achieve those through super effective journeying techniques where I open a portal and travel with you to make the transformation happen quickly.
3. Past Life Journeying and Healing

Reviews (3)

I had an initial chat with Arzu, in addition to having a Light Bridge therapy session and a manifestation session [more]
Hi Arzu,

wanted to say how much I appreciate working with you on improving my inner harmony and life settings [more]
This testimonial was left by my client Delia, who at month 6 officially launched the first event of her own business and will sure build it into an international organization [more]


Achieve results, transform your life, become your greatest self