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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Coach Ignas Genys by Ignas Genys
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Christmas is here and New Year is at hand’s reach. This may bring about thoughts on how to go through the coming year with some extra self awareness.

It seems a segment of our society have a habit to make new year’s resolutions at the end of every year. This great habit brings some healthy contemplation and a ton of self awareness, although something seems missing. These resolutions seem to somehow get forgotten by the end of January.

When we make a resolution for the year we make an unconscious assumption that we ourselves and the status quo 12 months from now will remain unchanged. Whereas in reality it is hard to know what will manifest in 6 weeks!

I find it’s more effective to keep revisiting. Reviewing ourselves, our situation, and our overall direction again and again is what we call self-awareness. Practicing this throughout the year can make a tangible difference.

We turn a huge goal into reality by consistently taking small steps to make it happen. And having a long-term vision for the coming 10 years can give us real inner strength and a sense of direction. But the motivation to proceed will only be kept alive by all those small steps that we actually take on the way.

Our minds like digestible bites and a 90-day resolution is just that. Just let’s be clear what achieving that goal will give us and which bigger vision it is part of. And it’s not once a year that we should review our overall vision – it is a continuous task.

Being aware of our direction with every step, creating small goals one at a time, reviewing the journey on the way, will all bring our dreams closer to the surface of our reality.

Wish you some quality time with your loved ones and a healthy start next year!

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