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How much more could you achieve with a quiet mind?

Coach Leonie Morris by Leonie Morris
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“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear”

Ever wondered why we have our ‘eureka’ moments when we least expect them?

In the shower, in a dream, after a peaceful walk?

The information age has brought many great benefits … it has also brought a plague of ‘busy minds’ and ‘fuzzy thinking’. Information overload! Every day we are bombarded by thoughts about our personal circumstances, innocently presuming that, ‘how we feel’ is coming from what’s going on around us. We are educated to believe that the world works from the ‘outside –in’. Events cause our feelings …

“I’m going to miss my appointment”, “I feel anxious”

“I’m not sure I know enough to nail my presentation”, “I am scared”

“What will she think if I ….”, “I’m not enough”

Once we see and understand how our experience of life really works, that 100% of our experience is created from the ‘inside – out’, we no longer need to fall victim to the outside world. We are the masters of our own experience. Leaders of our own destiny. Our mind slows down. We find our peace of mind. Our quiet mind is now able to hear intuition over fear. We can tap in to our innate wisdom and creativity

With a load off your mind … just think how much easier your life will be, how much more you can create, what results you can achieve?

What would you do?

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