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Have you found your Ikigai yet?

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA by Joanna Wilczynska MA
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Ikigai is a Japanese concept for "reason for being" ("iki" = life, "gai" = worth). It's your life's purpose combined with bliss.

Isn't that concept beautiful? You have to serve others in some way but what's equally important is your own happiness in the process.

Ikigai happens when the four elements overlap:

- Passion – what you love
- Mission – what the world needs
- Vocation – what you are good at
- Profession – what you can get paid for.

Vocation and Passion don't always overlap! You can be incredibly good at something but you may not enjoy doing it whatsoever.

In my recent coaching session with a client, where we discussed Ikigai, I asked if it would help her achieve some clarity if she was to turn the concept on its head - to discover what she truly wanted to do, she'd begin by listing all the things she certainly did NOT want to do and start from there. This question helped her zoom in on her values, on what genuinely mattered to her not only in big impactful ways but also in terms of small daily actions.

You may already be living your ikigai or you may be at the crossroads questioning if you're really where you should be or if there's more to life in general. There are ways to discover your life's purpose - the true deep meaning behind the reason you're here. Ask yourself:

- Am I truly happy with my life?

- If so, what are the things & people that continuously add meaning and value to it? How should I look after them not to lose them?

- If not, what one thing could I do today to improve my life & my happiness?

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