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How to Get More Clients With Google Ads

Coach Tahir Aslam by Tahir Aslam

When you qualify as a coach it’s tempting to post your first ads. However, before you do make sure you have the right strategy. It will save you a ton of money and a bucketload of time. In this post, we’ll be talking about Google ads. But the principles can apply to any platform.

When writing your ad, ask yourself two things. What exactly am I offering, and who’s searching for it?

Google Ads are search driven. So, people are going to Google and they’re looking for specific things. They’re searching for answers to specific questions. They want help with specific problems.

Most people aren’t looking for a coach. If they are they’re bombarded with lots of options. Plus, most people don’t know what they want. The chances of getting clients from a generic search are low.

The type of clients you want to attract are the ones looking for a specific solution. For example, when someone types in, ‘How can I improve my relationship with my kids.’ As opposed to ‘How do I improve my relationships.’ You’ll spend less on the first search compared to the second.

Now you have something you can work with. It’s hyper-specific. You can target that audience with the right kind of content. You can speak to them in the way most coaches can’t. But focusing on one thing means less traffic and fewer leads. Sure, you could step out as a relationship coach, but that would be too broad.

You need to figure out what people want and how you’re going to offer it to them. Your ads and website need to provide answers to their issue. It needs to say ‘I have an answer to that specific problem. I can help you with that. Let me show you how. Fill out this form, it will take you to this page and then you can book a call with me.’

Be specific. Make it clear about what you do and how you help people. You should have one core offer. Use your ads to direct people to a single offer. You can then target specific people in your email list with sub-offers that may interest them.

Advertising serves a single purpose. To get people through the door, or on a call. Start small, be specific, and then expand.

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