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How To Create Content That Keeps Your Readers Hooked To The End

Coach Tahir Aslam by Tahir Aslam

Let's focus on creating content that's easy to read and can reach a wider audience. It's important to make sure that people are engaging with your content. Good content leads to more leads, more leads mean, more clients. Clearly state the benefits you have to offer. Once we have their attention, we can explore more ways to engage with them and keep them interested in what you have to say. Always think, what could I show them next?

Everything should be about the reader. In today’s world of endless distractions, people want something they can relate to. You’ve heard about attention spans dropping and the media war on Gen Z.

Everyone’s blaming TikTok and Instagram. Sure, we need to get kids off their devices and moving again. But it’s not just about screen time. People want to consume meaningful content. They want to know more, be more, and say more. If you can tap into that, you can connect with people on an emotional level.

Your audience is looking for information that can benefit them in some way. We need to make sure that our writing is tailored to their needs and interests. By doing this, we can grab their attention and keep them engaged throughout the entire piece.

When reading an article, it's the results that matter most, not just the author's achievements or advice that you already know. That's why we're here to talk about the results that you want to achieve, particularly in terms of influencing people with your content. Ultimately, this can lead to more clients walking through your door, which is likely why you're here. Here’s a quick example:

"When you enroll in the personal empowerment program, you’ll receive a zip file filled with information on effective coping mechanisms, building strong habits, and tips that will steer your self-esteem on a healthy and blissful upward spiral. You’ll learn how to avoid mental traps of ‘must do better’ and 'do more’ with the warm realisation that perhaps you were doing much better than you first thought.”

So, you can easily see how to use these same techniques to create hard-hitting ideas for your content which gets better response rates.

It's important to address skepticism head-on when it comes to selling a product or service. We live in the age of cynicism. Most people tend to overlook this aspect, but it's crucial to acknowledge the doubts and concerns that potential clients may have. Ignoring scepticism can lead to a decrease in response and trust, which isn't ideal. Instead, you can use the "you might be wondering" language pattern to address the main area of doubt. For instance, if you're offering a package on helping people break bad habits and a prospect is skeptical about the implementation aspect, you can address this objection by framing it as a question they might be asking, such as:

"You might be wondering how you’re going to survive the brutal phases of giving up the things you love, like fried food and smoking." Then, you can answer through empathy "I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way when I tried to give up those nasty old habits! And up until recently, I stumbled all the way. But a few months ago, I discovered a simple method to build better habits. Now, I eat healthier, feel better, and live fuller. And best of all it just took 15 minutes each morning. I didn’t even have to make radical changes in between getting the kids to school and making it to my practice on time! I didn’t need to rely on journalling or habit tracking and come to think about it …it was really fun!"

It's important to have a clear outcome when creating content. Providing a clear call to action is essential to motivate the reader to act and achieve the desired result. Whether it's to sign up for your service, subscribe to a newsletter, or share the content, a clear and specific call to action can make a huge difference in generating engagement and achieving your business goals.

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