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Sarah's Story, From Struggling Mum to Successful Coach

Coach Tahir Aslam by Tahir Aslam

Sarah got married over a year ago. She was in her 20s and one of only two women with a young baby in her office. Her husband was involved in an accident while she was on maternity leave. She took extended leave for work to look after her child and husband. Thankfully, Sarah’s parents supported her, so she decided to make a difference and start her venture.

Gripped by her experiences, Sarah decided to help other women navigate career transitions after taking a break. Despite her experiences and expertise navigating the corporate world, she struggled to attract clients. She was attending every networking event she could find and exchanged her business card for a dozen or so promises of emails or calls. Everyone she met nodded politely and listened intently. She checked her phone and inbox constantly. No calls, no emails.

She realized that her online presence was not effectively communicating the unique value she provided. It was time to redefine her Value Proposition (VP) and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

With a little help, Sarah developed a clear understanding of the needs and pain points of her target audience. She spent the next few weeks reaching out to women who shared her experiences. With her usual vigour, she joined online forums. Through this research, she discovered that while many coaches offered career advice, few specialized in supporting women returning to work after a significant break, and even fewer provided personalized roadmaps to navigate this transition.

Armed with this insight, Sarah crafted her new Value Proposition (VP): "Empowering women to reignite their careers with confidence after a family break." She went further to define her Unique Selling Proposition: “Customized career transition roadmaps, blending life coaching with practical career strategies, tailored specifically for women re-entering the workforce.”

To bring her VP and USP to life, Sarah revamped her website. Her homepage now featured her VP prominently, along with testimonials from past clients who had successfully transitioned back into fulfilling careers. She also started a blog, sharing stories of transformation and tips for re-entering the workforce, all of which highlighted her unique approach.

Sarah didn't stop there. She optimized her content for search engines, using keywords that her target audience was likely to search for, like "career advice for mothers" and "returning to work after a family break." She also stayed consistent with her messaging across social media platforms, engaging her audience with inspirational content that resonated with their journey.

But what truly set Sarah apart was how she leveraged her USP in engaging content. She hosted free webinars titled "Design Your Comeback: Career Strategies for Returning Moms," where she shared her expertise and showcased her personalized roadmap process. These webinars not only provided value but also demonstrated what made her service unique, leading to increased inquiries and bookings.

As Sarah's online presence grew stronger, so did her client base. Women from various backgrounds seeking to re-enter the workforce started reaching out to her, drawn by her clear message and the unique value she promised. Sarah's practice flourished, not just because of her expertise but because she had learned to communicate the unique value and benefits, she provided effectively.

Through Sarah's story, we see the transformative power of a well-defined Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition. By understanding her audience, highlighting her unique services, and consistently communicating her message, Sarah was able to stand out in a crowded market and attract the clients who needed her most. With clarity, authenticity, and strategic communication, you can thrive by connecting deeply with those you aim to serve.

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