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Are you running on full battery or just... running?

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA by Joanna Wilczynska MA
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You wouldn't let your phone or laptop run out of battery, so why would you do it to yourself?

How often do you run "on full battery"? Often? Sometimes? Can't remember what it actually feels like anymore? And how much longer will you "run" for if you don't replenish your energy levels now? What will happen if you don't?

If you think your life is just too full with work and responsibilities and there is no way you can carve out any time for such "luxuries" as rest, me-time, hobbies (funny, right?), let me help you change "overwhelmed" to "yep, I can do this today".

First, we can examine what your days and weeks ACTUALLY look like and then decide what must stay and what must go. Next, we can start to create new habits and routines to help you maintain a more balanced day-to-day life. What is important here is to go within yourself and actually see what matters to YOU, and WHY, regardless of all the noise in your head and worrying about what others will say or do if you dare change a thing.

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