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Are you a perfectionist?

Coach Wioleta  Wydrych by Wioleta Wydrych
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Are you a perfectionist?

Are you smiling now, thinking “Yes, I am a perfectionist”.
I was the same. This was my perfect answer when I was asked on the job interviews “What are your disadvantages? I would always say “perfectionism”, giggling inside, feeling proud of myself, because this means I will do my work the best I can. Everything will be done perfectly. I didn't see a danger of perfectionism until I tried life coaching and my coach helped me to realise that I will not move forward if I will be waiting for everything I do to be perfect, for circumstances to be perfect, for the time in my life to be perfect. I also realised that I need to appreciate what I do already, notice any improvement, achievement and challenges and didficulties I overcome. Because this wasn't perfect yet so I didn't even notice my progress. My expectations were too high and not realistic.
One question really helped me to understand how bad the perfectionism can be: Is it better to wait until something is perfect and in the result do nothing or do something imperfectly. Or even do something wrong but learn from the mistake?
I'm not saying to stop dreaming big, dream big but use little steps to get there. Otherwise if the dream is too big it will be overwhelming and you won't move on.
If you're frustrated at work, do you need to wait long time until you find a dream one or could you start with one little step and improve one thing where you are now?
Is it better to have your task completed for your deadline or procrastinate and keep leaving it for later cause it's hard to start when you want it to be perfect? You may never complete your task.
Are you waiting to have enough money and time to do training you need? Could you learn anything from that field on your own, using free resources or books? Yes, you won't be perfect but at least it's something.
If you suddenly get hungry do you plan big shopping, plan to cook a huge dinner or do you just grab an apple or other snack for a start?
Can you see now how valuable little steps are? Can you answer this question honestly now? Is it better to wait until everything is perfect or do anything? YES, anything is better than nothing.
Imagine if you would like to have a website to promote your new business. You can choose, you can wait until you’ve got all the necessary resources and knowledge to create a perfect professional website. Or you can use a basic template and prepare really simple, imperfect website. What's better, being out there for your customers so they can contact you straight away or not having any website?
Remember, sometimes your expectations may be unrealistic to implement. For example you haven't got any money to prepare a professional website, so why not to set the free fun page or blog instead. And again anything is better than nothing. The outcome is the same: people can find you on the internet and they can contact you.
Because of your high expectations you are in a risk to procrastinate, this means no action. It is perfectionism what stops you from taking the next step. Is it worth to wait for the PERFECT?

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