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Are the cigarettes stronger than you?

Coach Wioleta  Wydrych by Wioleta Wydrych
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Are the cigarettes stronger than you?

My friends used to say "if you will ever quit smoking everyone will be able to do it" and they didn’t believe that this may happen. I didn’t.

I started smoking 17 years ago and I was using every spare minute to have a cig. I was addicted. I could even miss a bus just to have a cig. If I would be asked how many cigarettes per day I smoke I would be ashamed and I would try to believe that it is less than 10. Yeah… one when I wake up, another one after breakfast, 3 in the car on the way to work, 3 during breaks, 3 after work on the way’s already 11… Have you ever found yourself lieing about how many cigarettes do you smoke? Is this not your choice? Are the cigarettes stronger than you?

When I was going through a tuff time I was looking for some motivation and some positivity and in one of the books about personal growth I’ve read a very wise advice, which got me thinking: ‘If you want to start working on yourself then start from your addictions’. I thought ‘I haven’t got any addictions… except smoking…
But now? Maybe after I will get divorced? No, it will never be the right time.
Remember if you want to quit smoking, do it now, Today, this week, this month, don’t leave it till later.
I was scared…
The amount of time I was trying to quit and I’ve had such a strong cravings. So how am I going to be a better, stronger person if I cannot even decide about my life? This question was really bothering me for ages. How the cigarettes and urge to smoke can be stronger than me? I was ashamed of this.
Because like most of you I was sure I enjoy smoking, that this helps me relax and calms me down when I’m stressed. So how non smokers can be relaxed without cigarettes?
Yes, They are not addicted…
I was wondering how nice it would be if I wouldn’t need that cigarette. How nice it would be to concentrate on the conversation with your non-smoking friend instead of just thinking "when I will be able to have a cig?". I’ve noticed that even when I was having a nice time, a date, that sometimes I could not wait for it to be finished just so I can have a cig. I didn’t want a dessert cause I was dying to have a cig and I couldn’t wait to be outside. How bad it is…
How much more I could enjoy my time, not planning in my head when is the next possible occasion to have a cigarette.
So what’s the point of harming myself, loosing nice moment’s in my life and even paying for it?

I quit smoking nearly a year ago, all urges to smoke have gone already and I am more relaxed and calm than ever before. I am stronger. Do you want to feel this way?

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