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Coach Naresh  Mall by Naresh Mall
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Life Coaching appears to be springing up everywhere. But how's coaching difffernt from counselling and psychotherapy? Counselling and therapy are more deeper explorations of problems and difficulties that people have that have having pathological consequences to their thinking, emotions and behaviour.

Life coaching is more about exploring goals that the client wishes to work on and finding ways to move those goals forward, which include finding barriers to achieving those goals. The success of this venture depends on you as the client. The coach can inspire and help you to think about the goal by asking you questions that you may not have considered yourself.

The potitive thing is that your coach has a independent view. They aren't related, nor your friend and family. So they have no need to push you according to their own agenda. A good coach with enable you to think for yourself about the various options towards achievement of your goals.

There are times that all of us require some guidance, or a 'helping hand'. As human beings we all have blind spots- areas of ourselves and our lives that we cannot see. Google something call the JOHARI WINDOW - which helps to illustrate this point. There are parts of ourselves that we cannot know without someone assisting to bring to light those aspects of ourselves, that we may not have knowledge of otherwise.

This is the beauty of coaching. Coaching assists clients to see themselves, or their motivation within an area of their life at they feel they wish to move forward in. Through a series of questions, assisting the client to explore options that may not have considered or thought about. This is where the magic happens when the client's eyes and face can light up to see something freshly with renewed vision. There's no greater reward than this.

If this is what you are seeking in coaching take the leap to move your life forward. Take the leap forward. Every journey begins with a single step.

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