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Over the past 4 years of being a parent I have learnt a great deal about the essentials of creating and maintaining a peaceful home.

I have also noticed that there´s 1 aspect that impacts all of these essentials.

It´s me being in ALIGNMENT.
Alignment reminds me of my spine. Experiencing a daily wear and tear gets it out of alignment and if I do not pay attention to it, over time I even stop noticing the misalignment.

But boy I can tell the difference after a short visit at a chiropractor.

ALIGNMENT in my life is connected with the following aspects:
- getting back to my authentic self and being in integrity
- not trying to manage my fear of not being good enough
- being honest about about my true desires
- acknowledging my needs and having them met
- being willing to hear what I need to hear the most

When I am IN ALIGNMENT my life feels effortless, fun and joyful.
And from that place, creating and maintaining a peaceful home is just as easy and fun.

On the other hand, when I notice I label my kids as more "difficult", when having fun is not available, when I get emotional, when I lose my temper - I know it´s time to check my alignment (and maybe visit a chiropractor as well).
In my upcoming workshop I will take a deep dive into ALIGNMENT as well. Join me next week:

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