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I keep wondering why we find it so easy to see and acknowledge the beauty (not only physical), greatness and uniqueness in other people...

We see it in our kids.
We see it in our colleagues.
We see it in our friends.

And instead of using that as a reminder that EACH OF US is SPECIAL in their own way, we use it as a reminder that we are "less than."

On top of that, when others see and acknowledge our uniqueness, we tend to dismiss it, quickly brush it off and/or turn the attention back to the other person.
I think it´s so human to believe that once we do some more work on our ourselves, remove a few bad qualities, replace a couple of habits and evolve then we will finally be worth it.

That´s a lie we´re constantly told and fed everywhere.

We can certainly try and do the work, but I don´t think we will ever get to that point.

Because we are already worth it NOW.
We are already special and unique NOW.

We just need to look beyond the walls.
What if we started looking for our gifts?
What if we trusted a bit more in what others see in us?
What if we started owning our gifts?

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