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Time for you to turn over a new leaf?

Coach Susan Thomson by Susan Thomson
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Here is a post in a series, aimed to help you defrazzle. That is get rid of that frazzled feeling experienced by many of us in today’s hectic world.

Want to turn over a new leaf? ????

Today I was the thinking about the approaches I used to use with children when I worked as a teacher to encourage positive behaviours.

The class were given a piece of lined paper and they wrote a sentence explaining what they were going to do to improve.

For example, some said they would work harder at their maths, a few to remember their homework and so on.

I had prepared large cut outs of leaves in bright colours: oak, horse chestnut, beech.

Individuals chose a leaf, turned it over and used it as a mount for their writing.

Together, we created a large tree on the wall.

Each person then added their new leaf.

Finally, I added a large heading above: We have turned over a new leaf!

Why this came to mind is this.

It is all very well having a nice holiday from work, having some freedom to do things you love.


But how about when you return to work?

How will you plan to sustain some of the positive approaches?

Have you a new leaf do you wish to turn over?

To get outside at lunchtime for a brisk walk to refresh yourself for the afternoon?

Try a new activity to give yourself an interest from work?

Find a comedy series to get into to give yourself a good laugh.

Sometimes working with a coach can clarify for you what that new behaviour might be.

And if you meet with them over a period of sessions, they can check in about your progress, and encourage you to keep on track.

If you think that coach might be me, I invite you to message me.????

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