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The power of resting

Coach Cinzia Silvia Melograna by Cinzia Silvia Melograna
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“Is your mind ever resting?” someone asked … ????

You might agree (or not) but being in the #present moment and having our mind in "rest mode" is not always easy.

Over the past years, I have tried different things. What worked well are the following:

Breathing exercises: You can do it alone but also with a guide, someone’s voice - there are a lot of online options but also yoga/wellness studios are often offering these types of practices;

Appreciation meditation: You can either close your eyes and start your appreciation meditation with your body, then you can expand the circle to your close family, friends and finally to what you do daily, your work, your community, your purpose or you can write down the things you’re grateful for on a piece of paper;

Exercise: Funny right? But moving your body can have multiple benefits and clearing our mind from thoughts is one of them;

Animals: They can greatly impact our mood and bring us to the present moment when they request a cuddle or a walk.

Is there anything you would add to this list?

I would suggest thinking about it and if you feel like sharing, feel free to contact me at

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