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Talking to yourself can be good!

Coach Susan Thomson by Susan Thomson
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Here is a post in a series, aimed to help you defrazzle. That is get rid of that frazzled feeling experienced by many of us in today’s hectic world.
Engaging in positive self-talk can be good for us!

Self-talk refers to the talk inside our heads, sometimes called inner speech.

Psychologists call it verbalised thoughts directed towards yourself or some aspect of your life.

It can include personal conversations such as ‘I need to get the ironing done’.

But also includes reflections you have throughout the day, such as ‘the gym is crowded today, I’ll come back tomorrow’.

While most self-talk tends to be silent, speaking out loud also falls into this category.

Self-talk can help you plan, work through difficult situations and even motivate you during the day,

Importantly, what you say can have an impact on your attitude and performance.

If you have cycles of negative thoughts, it is possible to work on these to replace them with more neutral or positive thoughts.

So remember when you self-talk, be kind. That inner voice is a partner you will be talking to for many years to come

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