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A personal story about making luck!

Coach Susan Thomson by Susan Thomson
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When I was a wee girl I once tried to make my own luck.

I had been reading the cartoon in Scotland from The Sunday Post called Oor Wullie (for non-Scottish connections this is a famous and popular comic strip published by D.C Thomson in Dundee).

In this particular story, Wullie was trying to make some luck for himself.

As I recall, he finds a lucky rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe and a wish bone from the chicken cooked by ‘Maw’. I don’t remember if he actually finds a four leaf clover, or just goes in search of one.

Anyway, I searched the garden of my home that day for a four leaf clover. None could be found. Plenty of the three leaf variety though.??

I didn’t know then that only 1 in 5000 clovers are the four leaf variety.

So I used my initiative and went and got some glue and ripped a bit off one clover and added it to an ordinary three version one.

Hey presto I had created my own four leaf clover! ????

I don’t recall if my luck increased with my home-made charm, but I was pleased with my effort. ????

What this childhood memory lead me to think is this. One day luck might be on our side and we win the lottery, or have a chance encounter with someone that leads to a new hobby or job or relationship, or whatever.

However, rather leaving things to chance, being pro-active about life is more likely to get things in motion.

Sometimes people I coach have a clear idea of what they would like to get out of life, whether professionally or personally.

It might be to achieve better work or personal organisation, more effective time management, cope better with anxiety, or to get stuff done they have been putting off.

Others don’t know what they would like to change, but they are curious about coaching and they book a free coaching taster, just to see what it is like.

As a coach, I can provide thinking space to talk about what matters to you.

You can then clarify your next steps to achieve whatever outcome you choose.

It is, in a way, like making your own luck. ????

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