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Test your results along the way

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Test your results along the way

Testing your progress and really looking how far you are coming is very important to be able to see the difference between now and later. Every week and month it helps to make a cmoparisson because if you dont look whats different now you are missing to cage your development. That is the reason why it is very important for you to build clear criteria and knowing inside your head what stepping stones along the way would let you know that you are on the right track. Its more effecient and more productiv to approach a goal with a clear plan and strategy. Your time is valueable and if you dont look at the right strategies it could be sometimes exhausted. So always test for your results along the way. It gives you alot of information if the things are working actually or if you maybe change some of the procedures and activities along the way. You can also look at other examples who are already doing it (the Behavioural part of the goal) and look to implement for yourself the best and greatest strategies. You will in most cases find people who were doing it before you and its always the case that some things work better than others. Dont be flexible enough to change a plan because you are holding to long on an idea.
Sometimes strategies are working in one context perfect and in another one not so much. Look you maybe are very motivated in work and when you are seeing your computer in your office. And you are seeing your calendar lying on the desk and you are hearing the voices of your colleagues. And in your mind you are knowing that you need to have your income to pay the rent and the food for the month. So here you are feeling a huge motivation and obligation to do what has to be done. On the other side when you are at home you are prefering to watch some television and you are listen to your favorite relaxing songs. You are talking with your partner about holidays and that it is great that work is done. Before you could go to the gym or you could talk to some girls on the way home and now you could create your homepage for the business, writing great content or doing some sport at home. You can see here are working two diffrent strategies and you are seeing how strong your environemnt can have a strong and huge impact and influence on what you are doing. Because of this fact, its very good to know how to set your environment so you can stimulate your mind to do the right actions in the right context.
And the more time passes by and you are doing the actions that you are enjoying the more you will install good emotions inside you. And this emotions are a great barometer to look how far you can go. Without the right states it will be a huge challenge to move towards your big goal over weeks, months or even years. Test along the way if you like the activities you are doing and what has to happen that you love more what you are doing. The state is a huge factor and key to many opportunities and you know it. When you feel happy in doing something like sports, painting a picture , talking with friends you have a good access to your natural talents and who you are as a person. You can experiment and test to find that great feelings to apply it to other activites and contexts like this. Test if the same strategy works also fine in another context and always look for what is still different if its not working. What is a person doing in his mind when he is enjoying totally her exercises and what is a person doing inside the mind if a person is not enjoying exercises. What are some students doing to learn alot to get the benefit of a great note in school and parents,teachers and firends are giving them great feedback and what is a student doing inside the head to not learn and not getting the note and seeing the consequences sooner or later like not to be able to pass the class.People are using different strategies and it is a gift to know and to learn how to find your own best working strategies and bring them to live and how to use good working strategies from others to apply to your personal life.
When you are not knowing how to continue and move forward begin to test where you are now related to your goal. Test what is missing, test what could help to change the outcome in a better direction. Testing gives you the possibility to make the picture more colorful and can give you great feelings of knowledge and like this your progress can be much easier. It will also give you the hint how far or close you are away from your goal and will give you alot more possibilites what else you can do to enhace your creativity to get the best results in every context.

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